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Halloween AoS demo Death vs. Khorne


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So every month I meet up with a variety of gamers in Tokyo for everything ranging from Sage and Xwing to Catan and words against Humanity.

Lots of attendees are familiar with GW stuff but its never been played much.

So ive got plenty of khornate Slaves to darkness/Daemons/bloodbound heros and recently got the Deathrattle/malignant starting boxes.

Id like to prepare for the October event a Halloweenish intro table to AoS featuring undead vs Khorne Daemonic Chaos to bring some new players in, and was wondering about match ups that would feel balanced between the two.

Using points to balance but play it narratively.. Id need to build up the Undead but also paint and polish some khorne

For example

As for lists im torn with taking awesome centerpiece models like bloodhirster or coven throne when the special rules are overly complicated, but damn do they look good.

Death im thinking 1000

Coven throne,

VL on Abyssal terror

10 skellies*2

5 Black knights*2

Spirit hosts

Chaos 1020

Bloodthirster Of Insensate Rage (280)

Lord Of Khorne On Juggernaut (140)

Bloodletters x 10 (100)

Flesh Hounds x 5 (100)

Chaos Gorebeast Chariots x 1 (100)

Chaos Warriors x 10 (180)

Chaos Spawn x 2 (120)

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How about the scenario where you take it in turns being piggy in the middle and have to survive as long as you can? Everyone gets the role and can run small units too.

Or why not have Watch Tower? 2vs2 (500 points each). 500 start on the tower and get raided by 1000pts of Undead, then the 500pt play comes in as reinforcements to try and save them whilst collecting skulls for the skull god.

...that said, with it being Halloween, there are so many cool custom scenarios you could run...how about the meteorites from the sky mission but it is giant pumpkins and they falls every turn? You could even model them pretty quick or get small toy ones that light up.

Definitely run a multiplayer game and use the rules from the new GHB. They're written to ensure that all players are constantly engaged and works really well.


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I like the added objective theme going on and is a good touch. Ill check out the center objective mission, my thoughts are to build the necro book and lectern from the mortis engine as they were clearly meant to be: the Necronomicon. So swapping the Death and Khorne could work too.

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