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With the brunt of the work done on my Fleash-Eater Court, it's time to move on to the next project; rebasing and expanding my skaven army to get it ready for AoS. This is the first army I ever completed, so even though I've done some strategic selling, I couldn't bear to part with it completely. What I was left with was as follows;

Screaming bell with 30 clanrats and a unit filler;


Giant rats with handlers;


Rat Ogres with handlers (though I have sold two of the ROs in this picture);


An engineer;


Doom wheel;


Standard bearer;


Aaaaand another two unit fillers;




In addition to the models above I got a bag of assorted metal models from 6th ed, and a respective bits box to play around with. The goal is to put as much as possible to good use for the glory of the under-empire! Let the conversions begin!


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18 minutes ago, Double Misfire said:

Awesome pics. It's so nice to see an 8th ed skaven army that's not just brown spray with the metal bits picked out and a bit of ink. ;)

Can't wait to see the army rebased. The doom flayer conversion (?) and the wolf-rat unit fillers are my favourites (rebase them and use them as wolf-rats!).

Thanks :D You're spot on about the uses I plan for the unit fillers.


@Dez I know the feeling. Honestly, if it wasn't for the amount of time I put into painting some of these, I would do the same thing. I'll keep an eye out for your furry creations :D


I didn't want to overload the first post with pictures, but the crudest part of the sorting and rebasing is already done.2016-09-14 14.05.16.jpg

I miscalculated the amount of bases I'd need (of course 9_9), but I'll press the rest tonight and see if I can't get a picture of the butchery so far.

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Here's a better picture of the army as it is now

2016-09-15 18.13.38.jpg

On the right we have the "too hip to stay square"'s, on the bottom right a warpfire thrower and a Spawn waiting for their base before assembly. Top left are the models that just needs a bit of touch-up painting, while on the left towards the bottom are the conversion-projects.

I completely forgot that half of the bases I need are MDF, and will need to be sealed before I can press them. So basing is delayed until the weekend. Instead, I started converting.

With only 30 clanrats and an ambition of reaching and playing 2000 points, I needed to split them into three units of ten. That meant that I needed some new command models. And since I also needed some bodies for five of the six Jezzail teams, the old metal stormvermin models came to my rescue.

2016-09-16 00.01.11.jpg

Unfortunately I sold off my skaven bits, so I had to make due with what I had. But since the rats are notorious scavengers I figure that I'll get away with it :D These need a bit of greenstuff, then some go off to be primed while the rest join the touch-up crew.

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13 hours ago, AGPO said:

Lovely work! I still can't bring myself to commit to rebasing my Skaven, but I've done some of my smaller armies so I feel your pain. Just one question, what do you mean by "pressing" the bases?

Thanks! :D Since the army is so small it's not that bad. If I hadn't sold off half of it, then it would have been way worse.


All my bases are made of greenstuff, pressed on a basis pad to give the texture you see on the pictures. I love the effect, and have used it on all my armies.

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22 minutes ago, Aristo said:

Is there a special procedure to re-basing minis? I'd be nervous to try and pry them off bases if they were bonded with plastic cement. In the case of superglue, is there a solution to dip them in that weakens the bond?

This guide from @Mengel Miniatures should cover your bases. ;)


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1 hour ago, Aristo said:

Is there a special procedure to re-basing minis? I'd be nervous to try and pry them off bases if they were bonded with plastic cement. In the case of superglue, is there a solution to dip them in that weakens the bond?

The Mengel guide looks good, but I'm not all that worried about damaging the model or base, so I just used an exacto knife to separate the feet from the base by cutting along the base. With a bit of practice I was able to do it without any significant damage. I'll need to touch up bits and pieces here and there, but that's mainly due to the fact that my former basing overlapped the bottoms of the models feet. 

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I've been working away on the furry little fellows, but unfortunately none of it is picture worthy. I only have a bit of green stuffing left before they're ready to prime, hopefully this weekend. Then I'll start completing one unit at a time. In the meantime however, some reinforcements showed up in the post :D


I love that Skaven are a part of GA: Chaos now, as it lets me use most of the adversaries to bolster my rats! The plan is to prime and paint them together with the rest of the Skaven army. I'm busy making bases for them, hoping to end up with something that will fit in both with the rest of my armies and with a magical tower. Pretty sure I have a plan though. All will be revealed in time (if it works out ;)).

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  • 3 weeks later...

Though it has been quiet, though the sounds of gnawing and frantic activity had been conspicuous in their absence, the warren had not been idle.

2016-10-08 20.28.43.jpg

The first 1100 points are done, and will get their first game next week. I'm really happy with the rat swarms. The giant rats always looked so scrawny, but now they're a proper swarm.

The rest of the army will take a bit longer as they will need to be converted to various degrees. First up are four Rat Ogres.

2016-10-08 13.16.42.jpg

With the inclusion of free warpfire throwers in their war scrolls, my brutish friends will need a bit of after market modification. :D

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8 minutes ago, Double Misfire said:

Looking properly amazing, can't wait to see more.

What are those four things in the last image? Some kind of naked stormfiends?? v weird

The original breeding stock in fact. Neutered of course. Those paranoid Moulder whack jobs would never let a breeder outside of their warrens.

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So I sat down today to start converting the Rat Ogres. And I figured, while I've got the glue and greenstuff out, I might as well do the warplightning cannon at the same time.

2016-10-09 18.06.27.jpg

But then the GS had to cure before I could put another layer on and sculpt some fur, and I already had the glue and everything out......

2016-10-09 20.50.01.jpg

So I finished the rest of the conversions as well :D There is a LOT of gap filling and greenstuff work left on these fellas, but I'm thrilled with how they came out! Another thing I'm really pleased with is that except for one unit filler (the one with the boar-rat, which has found a new home in my bookshelf), I've managed to use every single skaven model I own in the AoS-ified army :)


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9 hours ago, Double Misfire said:

Unusually good taste in passives on the jezzails there. ;)

Any chance of a close up of the converted globadiers/Skyre acolytes?

Why, of course!

2016-10-10 18.25.21.jpg

I'm about halfway through green stuffing them. Hope to finish up on Wednesday. I'll post some more pictures of the result when they're done.

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The big day of updates is here!

I've been working along, but it's much more fun to show you the finished models, so that's why there's been a bit of a lull.So without further ado, here's the freshest batch.

2016-10-22 18.15.50.jpg

Warp lightning cannon

2016-10-22 18.16.06.jpg

(I've already fetched the model and will be correcting the white spots on the base)

Warpfire thrower

2016-10-22 18.16.17.jpg


2016-10-22 18.16.25-1.jpg

I couldn't stand the thought of going back to the old painting style I did the rest of the army in, but hopefully they blend in well enough. And if not, then hey, they're skaven :D All that's left now are the conversions, that have been given another coat of brush on primer. I'll start dry brushing them zenith style in an hour and do as much work as I can this weekend. Hopefully the entire army will be done by next weekend.

2016-10-22 18.21.20.jpg

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