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WAAAGH! Killagore's rise. A narrative of Ironjaws' mighty battles.

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So I decided to start playing AoS and got to play with Ironjawz. Here goes the story! 

The armies: 


Leading the enemy host was Ironhoof the Fell, a powerful doombull who let a brutal warband of minotaurs with his brother Kraznak. Numbering barely a dozen, they were still a fearsome force: nine were mighty minotaurs led by the twin doombulls while the spearhead of their massive bulks was Karik the Ghorgon. (1000pts-ish). 


The orruk WAAAGH! was led by Megaboss Killagore Faceslasha, and consisted of an astounding force of thirty boys: him, warchanter Skullsplitta (his second in command), da EadUnterz gore-grunta trio, a group of five brutes and two mobs of ten ardboyz formed in what they dubbed "da Ironfist". (1000 points on the dot). 


Deployment: the orruk and warherds met a desolate place where only a few ruins of a civilization long gone remained. The megaboss readied his trap to spring soon, as the warherds deployed quite forward but his army remained in a fairly conservative deployment (he deployed 12'' from the center, i deployed 24'' from it). 


Turn 1: Ironjaw initiate the turn. 


Killagore exorts his forces to take positions, one of the ardboyz mobs flanking a ruin on the edge of the battlefield, while the goregruntas position themselves close to the other side so as to enact a flanking maneuver and screen their boss and the warchanter. The other mob takes position in the center of their battleline and the brutes lead the right flank, bracing themselves to fend off the doombull Ironhoof and possibly the six bullgors from the great core force of Ironhoof's. 

There's no such need, though, the warherds are still too far away. 


Turn 2: Warherd initiative. 


Ironhoof senses the enemy and rallies his warherds to extenuate themselves, they move faster than even Kilagore predicted but he cares little for they have fallen into the trap. The area is filled with mud and poodles with water, hampering the warherds. They are unable to reach his host! (read: he flunked ALL his charge rolls). The enemy is out in the open ready to be crushed. 


Its the Ironjaw's time to act. Unfortunately the mud also works against them and the forces in the left flank are unable to clutch on the gorgon trapped next to the ruins. The second mob of boyz is also unable to quite make it, but both Killagore and the Brutes, let by Bonekrusha Bosskilla, make it to the fight with the twin doombulls. Bonekrusha rushes at a blinding speed as Killagore shouts a mighty WAAAGH! that is chorused by almost everyone in his army. Empowered by the will of the twin-headed gods, Bonekrusha grabs the doombull with his klaw and mauls him with the smasha. The blows are so mighty his head is reduced to a pink goo (read: I did 10 wounds to the doombull, with the boss alone and in a single round... fething savage). The six bullgors that formed his retinue are almost speechless as they see their leader fell, dumbfouded enoguh as to allow Korsnik Bodysplitta chop in half one of them with his gorechoppa (5 wounds!). 

Grieving with rage for the death of his brother and leader, Kraznak rampages on the charging megaboss. He delivers him a massive beatdown, beating him within an inch of his life (1 wound remaining out of 7), but the megaboss reacts, punches him back and drives the doombull from his self in order to deliver a great counter attack: he swings brutally his choppa, rending his arms uselss (7 wounds inflicted by the megaboss). 


Turn 3: Ironjaws initiative. (Also following turns). 


The bulk of the ironjaws charges and hits the almost leaderless warherds. Killagore finishes off the doombull as he drives his fist into his flesh and crushes the twin's heart. Taking it out and shouting triumphant he now watches how his orruks crush the rest of the army. Warchanter Skullsplita tends to his wounds as he takes command (read: he does something of use). He will try to call the WAAAGH! again by the end of the battle, to galvanize his triumphant forces, but he's too weak by now and his forces are too scattered, so it has no use (read: had 4 units within range and rolled a 5). 

Karik the Gorghon fights back, wounding mildly a gore-grunta (turn 3) and then killing 3 ardboyz as he is weakened by the constant cleaving the twin-choppa wielding orruks inflict. 

The bullgors fight back, re-gathering their numbers as they fight the brutes, whom soon receive the support from the remaining mob of ardboyz. The 5 bullgors that called themselves Ironhoof's body guard fight viciously, eventually slaying an ardboy and two of the brutes die in payback as Bonekrusha battles into submission they bodyguard's commander (he does 4 wounds in turns 3 and 4) and the ardboyz storm the survivors and kill them in a surpise attack. 

The remaining three bullgors charge at the back of the brutes, killing a third one, but are slaughtered by the following counter-attack (turn 5 almost wipes them out and bonekrusha drives the last blood). 


All in all Killagore has triumphed but this is a stained victory: his boyz are focused on Bonekrusha, surprised by his mighty deeds. Perhaps, fears the megaboss, there might be an attempt at changing the directive... 

But that's a story for another day. 



And with this I finish the tale. I literally lost 6 models (gotta admit I had a few abover average rolls in the beginning) while I wiped out the enemy army. I lost 160pts versus 1000. WOW. The stars of the show were the brutes but I know this was meant to be it that way as they are designed to be hero/monsterkillers. 

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed it and was thrilled.

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