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Club AoS night - 28th September

Tom Loyn

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It is THAT time at the legion again....AoS!


We are all super excited and pumped this month having been up to wahammer world for the Warlords event run by GW.  Hands down the best event I've been to for Warhammer.

This month our monthly AoS night will be on 28th Sep.  Please post here or message me if you want to come down and get involved and I'll get you added to our active and growing whatsapp group :) 

There will also be a brand spanking new south London legion AoS Facebook group going live this weekend, details will be posted here.  On this group I will keep a running list of the attendees as well as updating it on here.

We have a matched play league going on which you can get involved in at any time. You'll get a bonus point each month for achieving a different obj. This month it will be for completing a secret bonus objective you will all be set by me which your opponent will not know.  These will include missions such as: kill the opponents general, control a specific terrain piece etc.  More details on this will go up closer to the time! 

But be excited...

Hope to see you all there!



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5 hours ago, Seraphon_specs said:

Hey myself and a friend called Andy wanted to know if we could come down? I've got a death and seraphon army he's got stormcast and korne? 

Seraphon specs (if that is your real name! ;)) and Andy, you'd both be tremendously welcome, what sort of time could you make it down? Some people get there earlier at around 5 to get 2 games in (or just to make it home for the wife...) and some at 7-8.  Club is open 11-5.  Also are you matched play, open or narrative?  Most of us are currently playing matched play at around 2k but we can cater for all gaming types :)

Look forward to meeting you!

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Please see below the matchups for gaming night tomorrow :) :  

5 o'clock
Loyn (1700) vs Steve H (1700)

7 o'clock
Nic vs Rob Boyce
Craig vs Max
Alex vs Simon (1800)
Jon (1830) vs Andy
Rob Bradley (1945) vs Joel
Ben (1945) vs Matt H (1930)



@Seraphon_specs unfortunately I haven't been able to find you an earlier game as it stands, I'd play you but Steve has to leave early and I'd already promised him! You're welcome to pop down early and take a look :) I'll let you know if it changes. Can you tell Andy about his game please? His opponent is turning up around 1830.

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We had a great night all round yesterday. There were 10 players playing, with 3 Khorne armies, Sylvaneth making their debut, 2 Nurgle, Beastclaw + Moonclan, Stormcast, Bonesplitterz and my mixed Order. I'll include some photos from the other games below.


I played Rob Boyce - it was his second time at the club. He's building up a nice Stormcast army, probably going to branch into the Warrior Brotherhood with Azyros formation. He also took a cheeky Branchwraith (see what I did there) to give him some magic.

Rob had

  • Primetime
  • Vexillor
  • Lord Celestant
  • Branchwraith
  • 10 Retributors
  • 3 Javelin Prosecutors
  • 3 Javelin Prosecutors
  • 5 Liberators
  • 5 Liberators
  • 5 Judicators
  • 2 Concussors

I brought my latest incarnation of the Order list:










Glade Lord on Forest Dragon (1) (General) (Behemoth) (Reckless, Hoarfrost)


Leader, Behemoth



Celestial Hurricanum with White Battlemage


Leader, Behemoth



Auric Runesmiter 





Vulkite Berserkers (Picks, Bladed Slingshields, Throwing Axes)












Bleakswords (Shields)












Bloodwrack Medusa








Battleplan and Deployment

The Battleplan was 3 places of power, so heroes were scoring. This put me in a good place as Rob had 3 five wound heroes.

Knowing what the Vexillor can do, I bunkered up in a corner, near mystical terrain - hoping he might teleport over and roll a 1, which would be a win for me immediately.

I put the Fulminators in the middle. Rob put his shooting in the middle and his Liberators with them - guarding the Lord Celestant.

The Vexillor was behind a rock with Judicators beside it.

Rob put his Branchwraith on the 12 inch line to come and grab the objective on my left. Unfortunately for him, I put my Waywatchers directly opposite where they could threaten her immediately. In response, he put his Concussors down with her.






Battleround 1

I gave Rob the first turn. He held back the Judicators (a wise move as it meant I couldn't sneak in with my Vulkites and kill his Vexillor). Rob could have put the Vexillor in a gold ring of Retributors to keep him safe. Unfortunately this made it hard for him to score with this dude. He opted not to use the Teleport Pennant. He advanced in the middle and on my left. A hail of shooting struck the Fulminators and bounced straight off.

In my turn, the Hurricanum put mystic shield on the Forest Dragon - the +1 to cast is invaluable.

The Waywatchers passed their mystical test (I couldn't avoid it) and proceeded to drop the Branchwraith. Job done. This also meant that the Concussors were wildly out of position.

The Fulminators went into the middle, fired and charged - killing some models. As ever, their riders cannot string together both hit and wound rolls, so the 3 damage on the charge goes wasted. Rob's attacks back bounced off.


I had better results on the right flank - the Runesmiter grabbed the objective (we counted setting up as sufficient to be a "move" for scoring purposes - he would do the same later with PrimeTime). The Vulkites made their charge of 9 thanks to their sweet reroll one dice rule. They did 2 mortal wounds of impact hits and then chopped down a few Judicators.

Score 1:0

Battleround 2 

Rob won the initiative and moved his Concussors to take out the Waywatchers - the shooting attacks were sufficient to fry the Aelves.

The Lord Celestant grabbed the middle objective. One unit of Liberators went for the Auric Runesmiter as did a unit of Prosecutors. 

The Vexillor hesitated again and started running towards the safety of the Retributors.

The fighting in the middle was inconclusive - I slowly ground down some Liberators and Prosecutors. The Lord Celestant stuck 3 wounds on a Fulminator with his magic hammers and the rest of his posse finished off that noble Knight.

The Liberators failed a long-bomb charge into the Runesmiter. The Prosecutors did make it in, but are pitiful in melee (as was the Runesmiter).

The Vulkites polished off the Judicators, losing 2 models to shooting. 

Score 1:1

At this point, my inner Orruk overcame my tactical senses and I unlocked the bunker, the Dragon flapping forward. Knowing I could get a double turn and potentially attack his exposed general, I revelled in the possible reroll wounds from the mystical terrain next turn....

The Vulkites readied a charge into the Liberators who had failed their earlier charge. The Fulminator continued to fluff its shooting and melee attacks, but ground down a few more models.

The Vulkites made it in and demolished the Liberators. Unfortunately I sucked in a few Retributors, who killed a few Vulkites with their maces.

The Prosecutors did 2 wounds to the Runesmiter - I thought about retreating but couldn't keep the objective (3 inches away) if I did so.



I scored 2 points with my Runesmiter this turn.

Score 3:1

Battleround 3

I won the initiative roll after two drawn rolls.

I failed the mystical roll on the Executioners, but made all the other ones, so my force moved forward. The Tempestors wiped out the Judicators.

Emerald Star, the Dragon lined up a charge on the Lord Celestant.

The Vulkites retreated away from the Retributors, knowing when they were outgunned. The Vexillor could teleport them out, setting them up elsewhere without this counting as a retreat so there was no way to pin them in combat.

The Fulminator finally killed off the other unit of Prosecutors.

The Dragon made the charge on the reroll (Reckless for the win). My general finally inflicted damage with Hoarfrost. Then Emerald Star's claws flashed and tore the little golden man limb from limb. This meant that I grabbed the central objective immediately and scored 3 points from the Runesmiter.



Score 7-1

Rob had to hit hard and hit big, but also start scoring with the Prime and the Vexillor. 

With that in mind, he used the Vexillor to fling the Retributors between the Runesmiter and the Dragon. Meanwhile the Prime came down on the left objective.

The Prime couldn't charge as he needed to stay put, so he just dropped a comet on my Forest Dragon and Bleakswords. 

I think we forgot the fact that the Prime's comet actually affects friendly units too! He took 3 wounds off the Dragon.


Rob made a long chain of Retributors linking the 4 mace dudes and the Prime to one Retributor on the Runesmiter. He really needed to get lucky and kill them both.

I got to attack first and the Dragon killed all the 4 intervening models in the chain (we checked the FAQ which implies that you can remove casualties so as to break coherency - at the cost of being unable to pile in). The Maces flopped and so the Retributor Prime only just killed the Dragon. The other Retributor needed to cause damage with both hits, but failed to kill the Runesmiter.


Rob only scored one point for the Prime.

Score 7-2

Battleround 4

I won the initiative again and the Celestial Hurricanum lobbed a comet at the Retributors creating a big hole. The rest of the army followed up. The Hurricanum blazed away in the shooting phase as did the Tempestors. The Hurricanum made its charge into the Retributors and rolled sufficiently high so as to be able to stick itself onto the objective recently vacated by Emerald Star.

The Vulkites meanwhile hunted down the Vexillor and terminated him with a flurry of throwing axes, impact hits and adroitly aimed punctures from their picks.



The Fulminator finally wiped out the Liberators in the middle.

The Tempestors made short work of the Paladins.

I scored a whopping 5 points.


With that Rob conceded the game.

It was an interesting match up, with a lot of dynamism. I think Rob could have popped down the Prime earlier to take out the Fulminators and start scoring. He couldn't afford to have only two heroes on scoring duty. It is hard to know what he could have done with the Retributors - at best he would have killed my blocks of infantry (who did nothing all game). I then could have let rip with all the shooting and magic and the Dragon. The Vulkites were my MVP, killing off an enemy unit in each Battleround.


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Some images from the other games. I've not heard so much laughter and banter in a while:

Green vs Greener




Would you believe it the Corgis were the MVP!



RoboKhorne vs Nurgle



Craig's dice deserted him @Bowlzee

Rob's list looks somewhat reminiscent of Russ Veal's....



John's Khorne against the Beastclaw.



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