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Escalation league - "Player pack"?


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Hey! We are a group of players trying to attract new members to our AoS community and thought about doing some regular events to lure people in. We wanted to start off by making an escalation league since that should be more managable for newer players. 


Now the question is, how do we start and how do we progress the league? We thought about going 400/800/1200/1600/2000 pts., so 5 games total.

But what about board size? Objectives? 

What Im essentially looking for is an already premade "playerpack" where the league progress is mapped out.

I.e as an example: First game is no objectives and on half a table, second game is objectives introduced, third game is full table etc. etc.

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@Kramerhad a good explanation before in keeping it skirmish focused for new players:

”Start with skirmish. If she likes mechanics maybe a small (narrative) campaign and then some bigger games starting with 500pts and scaling up every couple of games. 

Thats how I roped in friends recently and hope to rope in my girlfriend someday. 

The main problem it helps with is complexity of the games. And as a result the duration. 

You could even do the first game with only melee troops, game two add some archers, game three a wizard, game four play the six game campaign  and let her build the list, make mistakes and after game six go to a 500-750 pts game. 

The looking up rules is what makes the game last long and can be frustrating. Especially when starting out and turn 2 you realise the mistake you made turn 1 and now you ‘wasted’ an hour on that only to give up or restart. Skirmish is much more forgiving in my mind. (And if she wants an own force she will be able to play her own miniatures faster)”

Really helps players get the hang of the game rules and a feel for the play style they’ll want to build toward.

So I might say extend the escalation to 400/600/800/1000 points so they have longer to use smaller forces on a small board to get all the in’s and out’s of the game.

If they’re really new to the hobby scene then focus on Open Play beer-and-pretzels feel for those tutorial skirmish games before slowly layering on the Matched Play stuff at around 1200 points.

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