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What other chaos units work best with maggotkin


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On 3/20/2022 at 7:35 PM, hammer49 said:

Just wondering what units work

best with a maggotkin army from the rest of the chaos range?

For instance chariots, knights etc to add some more speed or marauders for bodies work ? Or plague monks ?

Previously you could ally in Plague Monks etc. and they would have the Nurgle keyword to benefit from buffs.

Unfortunately GW decided to go a different route which means all Slaves to Darkness units and Skaven/Beasts of Chaos get the "Nurgle" keyword but all buffs and synergies are based on "Maggotkin of Nurgle". 

I.e if you take Plague Monks or whatever they dont benefit from any of the Nurgle alliegiance abilities. 


You can still field the models but they are certainly worse than our own units due to lack of buffs or synergies. I dont think is much else than Be'lakor or Untamed Beasts that I would seriously consider in my Nurgle army, but thats coming from a competitive point of view. 

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Usually if you're going to bring in an ally from another book you want it to do something that your current army can't do. With Maggotkin the biggest flaws are a general lack of speed and no really cheap source of bodies. Untamed Beasts are good for this because they're only 70 points for 10 wounds and have the pre-game move combined with the ability to run and charge. Chaos warhounds are possible as well. Another thought I've had is using marauder horsemen as a screen since they take up a massive amount of board space relative to their cost. 

That being said I'm not sure it's ever really going to be worth bringing in allies for maggotkin. Sure they can get to the objectives faster turn 1, but with the smaller board size none of our units really struggle to get to the mid line turn 1 and when they do they're vastly more resilient than any ally we could bring in. They can get to the opponents side of the board quicker of course, but it's pretty unlikely they'll actually be able to grab and hold an objective while there. Plus we have nurglings that pull that off reasonably well while also helping generate contagion points. 

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On 3/20/2022 at 7:35 PM, hammer49 said:

Or plague monks ?

I Bring in my List Plague Monks and a Plaguepriest to Hold objekt an have a Priest for Heal and helping to trigger Bloab`s Miasma Spell in the Herophase.

2-5 Mortals Could be a big differrent by killing a Gargant or (happend in my last Tournemant game) Killing a Unit of 4 SC Dragoons.

So for 160 Points u get 10 PlagueMonks and a Plaguepriest- I Call this solid.

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Reviving this thread as an enjoyer of mixed chaos armies.

I've been thinking about our options and believe there are a few interesting choices. I've ranked below in order of how 'competitive' I think they are, with a few ideas on army composition:

GUO + Krondspine Incarnate of Ghur

You dont really see many Incarnates but I think Nurgle may be one of the best armies for them. They're very strong in melee and I think they have some play in either plaguebearer host or blightlord spam lists. Bonded to the GUO it's very unlikely to go wild and provides a casting bonus (rare in Nurgle). The levelling mechanic means it's very tricky to kill and requires multiple turns. It's got some high rend (-3) and is fast. The aura of reroll run and charge mitigates our poor mobility, and the no retreat aura means enemies cant escape the grind (although negative synergy with Beasts so avoid those).


Allied from STD, furies occasionally pop up in a number of competitive chaos armies. They're fast, flying and 6 models which is decent for objectives. The retreat from combat mechanic is very useful and the survivability of nurgle troops means it feels less risky to pick them to escape. Overall strong choice but probably 1 or max 2 units.

Mindstealer Sphiranx

Another STD ally. Provides an always-strikes-last effect which works well with MSU lists that have several units engaging a larger enemy threat. Cheap monster for battle tactics and reasonably fast.


Good independent distraction carnifex. Fast, survivable and a good assassin piece. Cheaper/weaker alternatives include Masque and Valkia (I like the idea of an all flying blightlord spam with Valkia).

Contorted Epitome

Strong double caster with rerolls. Warscroll spell gives you reroll all hits against D3 enemy units which helps guarantee your disease point tally. Very fast and reasonably survivable with 2+ protection from mortals and a weird 50/50 avoid melee rule. Add flaming weapon for some melee threat.

Flesh Hounds

Cheapish mobile chaff with utility unbind ability. Decent if you're relying on Orghotts/LoA and lacking wizards.

Untamed Beast / Ungor Raiders

Cheap chaff with pregame move. Ungor raiders also have some shooting phase synergy if you're taking Bloab.

Great Bray Shaman

Cheap hero for battalions. Good warscroll spell to pull enemies off objectives or generally bring them into range of your slow troops.

Chimera / Cockatrice

Cheap fast, flying monster options to double down on mortal wound spam. The chimera is also surprisingly capable in melee.


Quick disclaimer that if you've got 300 points to spare, the 'right' choice is probably always just another maggoth lord. But these are some fun off-key choices to keep your opponent guessing.

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