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Fyreslayers Lore and Hobby Thread


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Our side of the forum looked a bit bare and my favorite part of the hobby is seeing all the lore and hobby that goes into everyone's army! So, figured I'd start us off and see what this little slice of the AoS community looks like! 

My own Fyreslayers were a bit of a side project. Technically chosen as my "New Year, New Army" for 2021 as part of a group hobby push, I got through my initial batch pretty fast but fleshing them out for a full 2k went to the wayside. I got a good 1k painted and finished and another 2ish Start Collecting boxes in various levels of unbuilt/unpainted. Might even snag a Fury of the Deep box and have a few more ideas if I choose to really push this army to a "Full and Complete" force. 

I have been tweaking out lore for this Duardin for a while, connecting them with my massive (and currently backburnered) Cities of Sigmar project. Their paint scheme is heavily based on the Dark Iron Dwarves from World of Warcraft and I even thought out a bit of lore that might connect them a bit to their inspiration. So far, this is the basics I have:


Malgni Emberhand was a young Runefather by Fyreslayer standards. Known for his quiet and wise nature, he spent most of his time building and bonding with others than diving into righteous fury. When he felt the fight was just or the cause was worthy, though, his brutality in combat and drive for success was unmatched. He left his Lodge at the behest of a vision he saw in flames, of a brilliant era of Duardin power that his will could help bring to fruition. He rode off with the most loyal of his clansmen to start their quest in eagerness. 

The line of Malgni's heritage is shrouded in mystery, though his coal black skin and glowing red eyes is a sight to behold. Hailing from a Magmahold deeper into the earth than many of their kin, his lodge of old had a strong connection to the element of Fire. These Fyreslayers take the veneration of Grimnir and Vulcatrix even farther, uniting them together in the symbol of Fire. Their many priests and bonding of elementals is said to have given their line an unnatural stamina, wisdom, and their intense appearance. 

Despite his resolve and the loyalty of his followers, Malgni's line is said to be cursed. Malgni has never produced a male heir, instead only having a large group of Daughters to his name. The wise Duardin does not see this as a bane or an issue, and trusts that his Daughters would put forth the strength, honor, and fury of any Runeson and would lead his future kin to many victories in the years to come.


I have many conversions planned, from a thematic Giant Fire Elemental to unique Auric Hearthguard and of course...somehow putting together several Runedaughters to fill out my list. The last one may be even more wild, as female dwarf miniatures are few and far between and the new battletome seems to really boost Runesons of both types. Huzzah?

Here are some pictures of just a portion of my Fyreslayers! Let me see what you all got, let's keep the lore and hobby flowing! 



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I like the scheme you went with, they look particularly molten. 

My lodge is still light on lore. I got a few ideas shaking around in my head for the next path to glory. Probably some sort of Dwarves who get high off their runes like it's Peyote and then rave out. You can see the color scheme I went with lends to this.

I'm currently working on a Runeson on Magmadroth, but it's still very early on, I only have the base coat down. My two runesons on magmadroths are only things left to paint.





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