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My friends and I have just started playing Warcry again and I am fairly keen to give my Kruleboyz some time on the table!

What have you been fielding? How have your games gone? Any traps or must-takes? 

Here's a pic of one of my nasty dirty ladz. 


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I played a game yesterday vs Skaven, using a Tome of Champions 2021 matched play scenario (I forget the name, but it's the first one in the book, with five objectives that also heal you when you control them). I was running Swampcalla Shaman, Pot-Grot, Hobgrot Boss, 3x Slittaz, a Gutrippa with Stikka, and allied Rippa Narkbad and Stabbit. The Shaman's Gloom ability  and his ranged attack worked well, the Hobgrot Boss's Stab 'Em Good also helped make my grots more dangerous. In the end though, the rats pared my band down and took the game by one point. It was a great game though, with the two pettiest factions looking to get the better of each other.

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