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Events UK: TEMPEST CRUSADE: SHYISH - Sat 21st Jan 2017, Stirling


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Draw for Game 1 is done!


1 Chris White  v Liam Watt 
2 Rich Payne v Ryan Savage 
3 Calum Todd  v Isaac Gilbert
4 Brian Convery v Graeme Davidson 
5 James Marshall  v Mike Callaghan 
6 Luke Whitehead v Joe Gilday 
7 Adam Rawson  v Adam Moffat 
8 Garry Marshall  v Ivan Reeves 
9 Paul Whitehead v Jamie Ferguson 
10 Brian Duncan  v Richard Strachan 
11 Daniel Marshall  v Paul Eckworth 
12 Adam Turner  v Kev Low 
13 Dale Clark v Stu West 
14 Dave Soutar  v Stuart Murray 
15 Andy Currie v Ian Howlett 
16 Lucas Wdowiak  v Pete Dawes 
17 Greig Summers  v Ian Crew 
18 Craig Ross  v Leigh Martin 
19 Joe Ward  v Dazz Waring 
20 Ade McBain  v William Convery 
21 Alan Aitken v Iain Hunter 
22 John Martin v Stuart Dinwoodie 
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3 hours ago, Just Brian said:

Never mind Ferguson vs Whitehead,

The tie of the round is quite clearly Dale "Taste" Clark vs Stu West in another epic Clash between Shetland and Orkney.

Winning this one for bragging rights isn't everything however. It's the only thing!


The Battle of the Isles! 

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Two sleeps till Tempest... hope you are painting/gaming/reading or like me, planning a Tz army!

Couple last minute things...

Doors open approx 9am. Gives us time to get settled in, players to register,  coffee etc. 

Planning 5 pieces of terrain per player. If you bring your own that's perfect. If not, we'll have hopefully plenty from various people/clubs, and Steve has a good selection at CGG too. We are filling up the venue so rather have too much than not enough! 

We'll gather it all close to Registration desk, so can keep track of who borrows what from where. 

Bring your rules, copy of player pack, Lists, Handbook, FAQs, and ofc army ?

Remember the 'Escalation' Battleplan is now completely different to the Handbook one, and is available to download from GW website. Battleplan for games 1&2 drawn before the round. 

Steve is happy for Beer to be drunk in moderation. Not on sale at CGG so keep it calm and we don't want the place covered in empties. 

Got a few prizes to get through so probably take 10-15 mins at the very end. 


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The link to GW FAQ/Errata on the GW official website looks like it's not totally up-to-date..! This one contains the MOST RECENT changes to the v1.1 FAQ/Errata.
The official AoS app also contains the most recent version too. It does require you to delete and re-download to refresh (not done automatically). Can find them under Books > Gaming Aids in the app.
Good ol' GW. I blame Tzeentch....
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Final Results for Tempest Crusade 2017: SHYISH

Winner: Andy Currie (Death)
Runner-up: Jamie Ferguson (Order)
Wooden Spoon: Stuart Dinwoodie
(Results based on most TPs, tie-breaker on most VPs scored)

Best Army & Best Painted GA Chaos: Garry Marshall 
Best Painted GA Death: Andy Currie
Best Painted GA Destruction: Alan Aitken
Best Painted GA Order: Adam Rawson
(Results based on Player votes)

Best GA Chaos: Kev Low 
Best GA Death: Andy Currie
Best GA Destruction: Rich Payne
Best GA Order: Adam Turner
(Results based on most VPs scored)

Tempest Hero: Adam Rawson
(Most Best Oppo votes, tie-breaker is TO choice)

Best Adam: Adam Moffat
(Most TPs)

Intercontinental Champion of the Isles: Stu West
(Orkney v Shetland - player with most TPs)

Thank you all again for coming. Was fantastic to see Common Ground full of Warhammer players again. Please give any feedback good/bad below or email me directly. 

Look forward to seeing you again at more events, and at Tempest Crusade 2018!


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Hey Guys,

Just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic Saturday gaming. 

I have to admit I'm a fully fledged convert to the world of AoS.

Had a blast pushing around that filthy Wildstalker Brayherd although I can confirm now that the next event I'm granted permission for will see me pushing around a MUCH smaller army (not 3 Stardrakes small but considerably smaller is a must).

Massive thanks to my opponents, Richard, Daniel and Adam. Your patience was very much appreciated. I know watching my "fast and loose" movement could have been a tad trying at times.

Game of Death scenario with Adam was pretty great fun. Being tabled by turn 4 and still getting a minor loss was class. God bless the number 2!

Scott and Tim, you guys ran a top notch event and a trip to CGG is always awesome.

Can't wait for the next one. 

Thanks again everyone.


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