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Ironskull Boyz - Ironsuns keyword


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I am running Da Choppas with brutes and ardboyz along with Skullboys (Ironsunz keyword). 

The Warchanter can give violent fury to 3 brute / ardboy units, and I understand that the Ironskulls can not benefit from this as they have the Ironsunz keyword.

My question is: Can the Ironskulls from the Ironsunz warclan use abilities seperate to the Da Choppas effecting everyone else in my army??

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I'm not quite sure what you mean. Are you asking if the Ironskulls and Mogruk's Krushas can use the Ironsunz Allegiance Ability in a Da Choppas or Bloodtoof army? No, they cannot. Unique characters do not get access to their subfaction's allegiance ability if they're taken in an army from a different subfaction.

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