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Favourite Black Library Author and Novel?


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5 hours ago, Ferban said:

I've really enjoyed C.L. Werner's books. Lady of Sorrows and Iron Dragon were both excellent. I'm currently reading g Gloomspite and the writing of Alan Clark is descriptive and impressive. Probably gonna seek one of his out for my next book.

Absolutely loved Gloomspite. I'm currently reading Stormvault which is also written by Andy Clark and his writing is so amazing he is hands down my favourite BL author.

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Favorite author is a tough one to answer as it changes frequently but for AOS specifically Josh Reynolds is up there.

If I can include The World That Was into the mix it would have to be CL Werner. I've enjoyed his AOS books that I've gotten to read but his Thanquol books and Brunner omnibus are the ones that I've reread the most and had a huge impact on my interaction with Warhammer Fantasy and later AOS as a setting.

The Brunner omnibus would narrowly edge out a few other books as my favorite.


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