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Brand New Skaven player


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For many years i have collected Lizardman figures (i have about 1200 points or so) , but i never had any interesting on playing Warhammer (not suported in my country).

Recently on a trip, my wife bought us the Getting Started boxes (for my birthday). Skaven for me, Sylvaneth for her.

We have been fun on our games (we got no one else to play with) and i am considering increasing our armies.


Other than the basic boxes, all i have is a Warlord, an Engineer and 2 rat ogors a friend gave me. When assembling the boxes we decided for a Treelord ancient and a Screaming Bell.

Also, i bought her the Tree Reavenant boxed set.

What else should i expand into? What boxes and units should i buy?





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Hi Thiagoma!

There are lots of great Skaven units, but my question is what's more important: The rule of cool or being competitive? I'd like to assume that you would like to lean towards having cool minis, we wouldn't want you to be too competitive with only one opponent!

Are you going to continue down the Clan Pestilens route? Will you be open to most things Skaven?

I personally have always loved Ratling Guns and Warp Lightning Cannons. It's hard in general not to love everything Clan Skryre (and Eshin!) for me. 

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Hi, so far, i have been going for rule of cool. The plague ball looked like an intelligent choice but the bell just looks too awesome. Same for the plagueclaw. Our units got all the musician, instruments and possible weapons. No need to be competitive, as far as long as we have balanced games, i will be happy.


Also, we dont have any of the books. All the rules we use are the 4 pages spread and the warscrolls. I always allow her to deploy 2 Forests. Sometimes a budy send us some scenarios to play. So far i havent won a game =P

I am trying to get as many "different" units as possible, instead of going 300X plague monks.

It seens like there is too much restriction trying to adehere to a "theme". I intend to stick to Skaven, but picking only one clan will force us to have a lot of identical units, and it is boring to pain and assembly those.

For her the options are also kinda limited on Sylvaneth.


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