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Hi all


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Hi all

Quite surprised to find myself signing up to an AoS forum as I'm a big fan of 8th ed and I was very disappointed when it disappeared when AoS came out.  However I picked up my new WD and was reading the battle report and other AoS content and found myself thinking this actually looks like fun.  I've come to terms with the fact its no longer a ranked up fantasy battle game.  I've got old editions of Warhammer, 9th Age or Kings of War for that.

I think I may give AoS another look now that it seems a bit more developed.  I'm still not entirely sold on the fluff aspect, as I thought the old world was a really well fleshed out setting and I liked the relatively low fantasy approach as typified by WFRP especially, but the potential for over the top mayhem in AoS seems cool.  I can always tell myself it's all happening deep in the realm of chaos or something...

Anyway, what prompted me to sign up was the WD slaughterpriest painting competition.  It's a lovely model and I'm enjoying painting it so I may as well show it off.  I'm basing it on a 25mm square so I can use him in my WFB chaos army though.  I've certainly no intention of re-basing my armies on rounds.








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