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Best Age of Sigmar minis/bitz for use in DnD

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Curious if anyone has any favorite Age of Sigmar miniatures for interesting use in DnD. In particular, I'm curious about any interesting bits.

For example, I picked up the chained Vampire/coffin from the new Black Coach, and grabbed Vokmortian for his interesting rune-engraved sarcophagus and severed had pole. I also like the hanged skeletons from Cursed City and am excited to pick up the new Scriptor Mortis. 

Obviously there's so many pieces and models that could fit well but curious if this is something others have thought about or have other recommendations I might not have considered.

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There is a problem: the 32mm base.

Too big for the grid, too small for a large creature, and due to scale creep it's all over AoS.

The Nighthaunt Underworld team is mostly 25, and they are great.

Stormcast are good golems. The older ones are better because they don't look like humans and 40mm is enough for large. The newer ones could be statues that wouldn't come to life, why are you thinking that?

I love the Black orc, Snotling and Ogre blood bowl teams, and rebased the ogres and black orcs (armoured trolls) to 40mm.

Gutrippas are very good looking orcs that fit a 25mm base. I purchased Warrior just to have them and some extra models.

I also plan to make a 1" grid on the terrain poster so I have more colours (I put pieces on my map and don't draw on it).

Player characters are often better served with Frostgrave (especially Wizards 1 and 2) minis than GW ones, because customisability is better, but you can stick GW Cities arms on them.

Skeletons and zombies are obvious.

The Celestial Hurricanum has all sorts of things that would look awesome in a wizard's tower, if built differently. It's just about enough terrain. It also has really nice looking wizards

Objectives are nice scatter terrain.

If your players get an airship and/or you're into steampunk, well, there's the whole Kharadron range.

I used Gotreks base for a pile of dead rats.

The Garden of Morr is an excellent graveyard (but way overcosted).

I use the old Wyldwoods for my trees.

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I'm willing to work around the base size issue (and certainly things like zombies and skeletons are no brainers!). I'm fairly familiar with the model options but am really most curious if I'm overlooking any neat bitz that could serve as interesting scatter features/artifacts to discover/story pieces (like the aforementioned chained up Vamp from the black coach.

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Here are a few guys I have kitbashed for use in DnD:


I made these guys out of spare Dreadblade Harrow, Black Knight and Mortis Engine parts.

Black knights are a nice source of skeleton bits because they are dual assembly. If you build Hexwraiths from them, you get a bunch of nice extra skeleton upper bodies. Everything except legs, basically.

The Mortis Engine kit comes with three banshees, three vampire ladies and a necromancer. You will also have a spare shrine or basin depending on how you build it, and probably some other deathy decorations.

EDIT: Forgot to say: While base size can be a bit of an inconvenience for DnD, there is always the option to play gridless and just measure distances like you would in Warhammer. That even has some advantages, such as making movement at weird angles easier.

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I use all my models in D&D

I will say that the LOTR mini game is a better scale for most purposes but I love using my Chaos warriors as generic baddies. The full metal armour allows me to claim that they are pretty much any human sized fantasy creature or an undead variant but they are completely armoured and helmeted making them pretty much generic villains. But many of my friends also use them for their evil player character. I still have to get around to my SCE but I know that they will be a popular choice for the same reason although their big base sizes will always be an issue. 

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