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The Arbaal's Iron Waaaaagh!


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Hi Boyz!

After some months passed twitsing my mind about what kind of greenskinz will fight for me in the new fantasy made in GW  my choice is done!

I've decided to mix together the "old-dark-middle-age-style" with the new "high-fantasy-ultracolored-age".

I've chosen to follow the guideline of yellow armour, but with my personal interpretation: some little spots of yellow in a dark iron armor! (not rusty or dirty... just dark)


My goal is to paint a list of 1000pt of ironjawz, and these are the first 5 brutes!


hope you like them!







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On 13/9/2016 at 1:11 AM, Tanka said:

Go fark yourself.


they are gorgeous.


You shoudl be proud and most of us should be jealous.

Yeah I love them so much :P

On 13/9/2016 at 3:34 AM, KhaosZand3r said:

That yellow is perfect. Mind explaining how you achieved it?


On 13/9/2016 at 2:52 PM, Vespan said:

These are soooo much bettern than GW color schemes. Really top level!

Can you tell what colours and techniques you used on this yellow steel armour and banner tusks?

Ps. I consider myself a good painter, but I could really learn from You!

for the yellow I tried a texture adding some spots of brown and dark brown, keeping in mind to highlight the right part of the plates with an ivory

the steel armor in made by a stratification of steel colours with many and many blendings made with inks, and adding at the end some colours in the midtones and shadows (fleshy brown and turquoise)

the tusks are made simply drawing many lines upon a bone base, from an ochre to the black... nothing particular difficult in theory buy it needs a quite fine hand (and brush) and muuuuch patience :D

On 14/9/2016 at 0:57 AM, Lysandestolpe said:

Dang dude, you just shamed us all with those ones. Very nice job. Great color composition and the bases are just stellar. They really elevate your models. How long did they take you to paint? I really hope you have the patience for all the models to keep this standard.


it's difficult to say how much time every model took me, because they are the final step of many modifications.. I could say that now, with the precise idea of the colours I have to use and the techniques, one model should take me about 20 hours

On 14/9/2016 at 5:05 AM, KhaosZand3r said:

Trying to recognize the models. Two look like new Brutes, I assume the other 3 are old Black Orks?

the one with the axe upon his head is a black orc limited edition

the totem bearer and the one with the axe under the face are from Forgeworld catalogue


I would thank all of you very much for your appreciation and your comments!

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