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Returning to the Paint Table


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Hi all

Been out the hobby since early 2018 or so in part due to some personal reasons but also got a bit burned out. Real Life got in the way yada yada, but back enjoying some time with a paintbrush :) 

I’ve made it a goal to finish off projects this year before buying anything else.

First up was Shadespire. Had the box since 2017 and think it was played twice. Decided to get both sets of minis painted and finished up earlier in the week. The SCE took a while, the Khorne lot were far faster!

next up was finishing Nagash - he’d sat almost finished for a few years. The books were the only thing left so I got them done and that’s him finished too. 

Im currently getting my Arachnarok done, working on the skin/carapace before the gobos. 

Once all that is done it’s back to Archaon… determined to finish this year 😂





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