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Tales of Sigmar - Tale of Gamers - Month 3

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On 9/12/2016 at 10:31 PM, Soulsmith said:

Army - Destruction

Month 3 Budget: £50 (+ £7.70)
Month 3 Spend: £20.50 - Moonclan Grots
Remaining Budget: £38.20

Mission Objective - Don't suck.

Ok, so after the weekend I will have moved house and hopefully everything will have settled down. No more holidays planned and stuff. So I really want to actually get something done for you all. So it's banner bearer, what little work needs doing on the boar boyz, and as many moonclan as I can handle! My reward when it is all done is a gargant!

So I suck. It took way longer to be settled, so all I have managed is finishing the boar boyz. After a couple games I've lost all drive to do the moonclan, and will instead be focusing on ironjawz only. Watch this space, I'll be back next month!

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Ironjawz iz best :)

Guys I have tons of work done, I've been painting 2 different armies for 2 different tournaments so I haven't come up to breathe much. I'll get them posted this Monday.

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So month 3 was abit hectic with real life so as a result I wasn't able to get as much as I would have liked however I am pleased with how much I was able to do, so I finished my warchanter so now I have 2 heroes and the brutes are almost done just the weapons and bases to do; my second unit of ard boyz are halve way done which if I hadn't spilt my time between units might be further along but hey ho. For month 4 I'm moving on from the ironjawz and going to start working on ogors occasionally coming back to painting the ironjawz elements of the army, anyway here's a parting shot of the army at the end of month 3.



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