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Most fun heroes to play


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Hi all, just wondering what your favourite heroes to play as are? I personally love the excelsior warpriest, plenty of things to do, van do a little of everything. I have also found that the necromancer can be quite fun with the skellies.



What would your recommendations be? Are there any you don't like? Looking forward to hearing about it!

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It's a toss-up, because plyaing overpowered heroes is fun... but in the long run it takes away from the game's fun.

That said, here are some OP heroes!
-Knight-Venator (2 damage arrows, hitting on 3s for the lulz)

-Bloodsecrator (because you're rerolling *everything*, and an AoE hitting on a 3+ rerolling is sick)

-Grimwraith Berserker (because when you're on a rampage, good lord are you on a rampage - pro tip: take a Bloodsecrator with you)

-Darkoath Chieftan (because pwnage)

-Lord Celestant (that cloak tho, lol!)

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  Warden King is ver strong. Too much for my taste even. Unforged has been my favorite so far with a healthy chance of being hurt. Using old Gotrek mini for him. All about the story. 

Lizardman is tough but they nerfed him. Doom seeker is great. 

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