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Age of Sigmar Soundtrack. What do you listen to?


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I've created a playlist for myself on Amazon music of suitably epic genre tunes, mostly from movies, that I listen to during games of age of Sigmar at home. Here some of my favourites.

Conan the Barbarian - Prologue/Anvil of Doom

Conan the Barbarian - Riddle of Steel/Riders of Doom - I normally have a strict one tune from one soundtrack policy for my playlist, but seriously these two tunes were made for age of Sigmar. Particularly the starter set armies. Perfectly evocative of muscle bound Khorne brutes and armoured Demi-gods smashing into each other under a storm ridden sky!

Gladiator - The Battle - At the beginning this track sums up the nobility of a lot of Order armies, the middle is the mayhem and action of any battle and the end is somewhat sad and reflective as the survivors count the cost of victory.

Zulu - Theme/Isandlwana - This is Bravery, defiance and heroism in music form, from one of the greatest war movies of all time. Stirring stuff.

Black Sails Theme - If you haven't seen it, Black Sails is from a brilliant TV series/box set about pirates. It's a lot darker and realistic than the usual movies interpretation of pirates. This theme is very nautical, uses instruments of the period such as pipes, but also with a few nihilistic electric guitars. I have a lot of Black Ark Corsairs in my Order Army...nuff said.

Bram Stoker's Dracula - The Vampire Hunters. This was the Gary Oldman Dracula - he was amazing in it, Keanu Reeves less so. The movie divides opinion, I personally find it a very stylish and haunting take on the count, plus we get to see Vlad wearing some excellent red armour in his origin story at the beginning. One of things that make it a great movie is the soundtrack. This track is the most suitable for Warhammer, having a dramatic rhythm and sinister melody - perfect for Death Players!

Gotterdamerung - Siegfried's Funeral by Wagner - This music is sublime, full of triumph and poignant reflection. I first heard it in the film Excalibur which is still to me a work of flawed genius and one of my all time favourites. It is a very adult and bloody take on the Arthurian legend and you should watch it if you have never seen it. It also has an (what is now but not then) all star supporting cast including Liam Neesan, Patrick Stewart, Helen Mirren, Gabriel Byrne and Kieran Hyndes. My favourite character is Sir Percival who must undergo a series of trials and ordeals as he searches for the Grail 'to the edge of within'. A bit like me trying to win a game of Age of Sigmar! I will get that holy grail some day...

The above are some of my current favourites. I also listen to the usual suspects including tracks from the still excellent Lord of the rings trilogy and Star Wars. So what do you listen to?





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The Passion of the Christ's soundtrack is surprisingly awesome. My Slaanesh army hurtles across the battlefield to the strains of Mad Max: Fury Road. When I finally get around to adding a warshrine to the army, it's going to have taiko drummers and a blind guy with a flamethrower-guitar. Paleowolf does some good ambient music, especially suited to the worlds of Ghur and Ghyran. And Heilung's Krigsgaldr is Khorne's theme tune / villain origin song.

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Hey guys, keep it coming! Made some personal additions too. Some things just aren't on spotify but I made do. Gotta suggest checking out the dragon age:inquisition (especially the main Theme) and Pillar of Eternity soundtracks especially. I love the latter for RPG nights. Xcomm 2 might sound too modern, but that song always gives me a rush, excitement at going into a mission and also not knowing who is coming back. It's mostly instrumental stuff but if people want rock etc go for it, I'm adding everything!

If the link is funny, just search on spotify for Age of Sigmar - The Grand Alliance Community Playlist.

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I'd love to play along to the soundtrack from the Warhammer Quest app game. Unfortunately it's never been released other than some one minute samples on sound cloud https://m.soundcloud.com/whitewallmusic/sets/warhammer-quest-soundtrack

I have emailed GW suggesting they release it but I won't hold my breath.

Also a lot of the music GW uses in their Warhammer TV videos is of a similar style - really hope they consider releasing it one day!

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12 minutes ago, HobbyHammer said:

If you are playing with Stormcast, then you must include by default, Thunderstruck by AC/DC. Or if you are feeling really frisky, Go Go Power Rangers is a great choice..

Metallica's Ride the Lightning and Megadeth No More Mr Nice Guy from the Shocker soundtrack are also required. Ok maybe not the Megadeth, because I'm old and get the reference :)

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This is prolly gonna seem strange but I've found that my models are fond of listening to the soundtrack from Heavy Metal while on the way to battle.  In particular they enjoy Don Felder's Heavy Metal and Stevie Nick's Blue Lamp.  But you might say, "But these are small lumps of molded metal and plastic and can neither hear nor appreciate music of any kind."  You could but if they hear you say that then they get sad and will fail all their saving rolls so shut it!

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I've found that Metallica could pretty much do the theme tune for every faction!


Ride the Lightning (Stormcast Eternals)

...And Justice for All (Stormcast Extremis)

Hero of the Day (Devoted of Sigmar)

The Memory Remains (Seraphon)

Holier Than Thou (Highborn Aelfs)

Better Than You (Dark Aelfs)

Wherever I May Roam (Wanderers)

The Shortest Straw (Dispossessed)

Fight Fire with Fire (Fyreslayers)

Purify (Sylvaneth)

Bad Seed (Sylvaneth; Drycha + outcasts)


Master of Puppets (Tzeentch)

Damage, Inc (Khorne)

Leper Messiah (Nurgle)

The God That Failed  (Slaanesh)

My Apocalypse (Everchosen)

For Whom the Bell Tolls (Skaven Masterclan)

Some Kind of Monster (Skaven Molder)

Poor Twisted Me (Skaven Pestilens)

Seek and Destroy (Skaven Eshin)

Disposable Heroes (Skaven Verminus)

The Frayed Ends of Sanity (Skaven Skryre)

Where the Wild Things Are (Beastmen)


Creeping Death (Deadwalkers)

To Live is to Die (Soulblight)

King Nothing (Flesh Eater Courts)

Devil's Dance (Deathrattle)

Phantom Lord (Nighthaunt)

Enter Sandman (Tomb Kings)


Metal Militia (Ironjawz)

Shoot Me Again (Boneplitterz)

Don't Tread on Me (Grots)

Trapped Under Ice (Beastclaw Raiders)

Eye of the Beholder (Fimir)



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