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Bog Clan themed mixed destruction list help


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Got a mixed bag of new/used destruction models for my birthday from the better half and have been tinkering with building a thematic 2000pt matched play list that can hold its own.  Going with a "Clan of the Bog" theme of Savage Orruks, Moonclan Grotz and Fellwater Troggoths as I think the mix of models will look pretty cool painted up together. Scored some sprues of Scuttlings from Silver Tower and think they will add to the creepy swamp factor, also find the mixed weapon options may be useful.  Two big hurdles I need help with: how to best use the two boxes (40) of Savage Orruks, (I am thinking 20x stikkas/shields, 10x Arrowboys and the rest Big Stabbas),  whom to pick as General and what trait/artefact?  Any obvious models/units that I should look for?  I am not the most competitive player, but would like my army to at least relatively hold its own while staying flavorful.  C&C welcome and appreciated!

Potential 2000pt list:

Wurrgog Prophet (140)
Savage Big Boss (100)
Moonclan Grot Shaman (60)

Savage Orruks x 20 (200)
Savage Orruk Arrowboys x 10 (100)
Fellwater Troggoths x 6 (400)
Moonclan Grots (Nets/Spears)x 40 (240)
Moonclan Grots (Moonclan Bows)x 20 (120)
Grot Fanatics x 2 (60)
Grot Scuttlings x 20 (100)

Mangler Squigs (240)
Mangler Squigs (240)

Other Models Available:

10x Savage Orruks/4x Big Stabbas

Extra Moonclan Shaman

Moonclan Grot Warboss

3 more Grot Fanatics

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I can always build the Savage Orruks other ways if 10x Arrowboys will be lacklustre.  I guess the better question is if you only had the heroes and 40xOrruk to kit out in the list, how would you build them?  I may be overestimating the Grots shooting, but maybe with all the chaff pinging shots I could just go 2x20 Savage Orruks to add meat to the Grots advance?


I will keep a lookout for used Spiderfang Grots.  I haven't played a single game with destruction and am a bit limited to what I have in these shoeboxes of sprues lol.  I also considered ordering a Troll Hag from forgeworld and squeezing points by dropping a Mangler Squig and some of the rank and file.  Primarily a painter/collector hobbyist, gamer second, so my initial appeal with Age of Sigmar was the mix and match Grand Alliance concept so as to have variety in my army.  Trying to capture that, whilst still having an army I can drop by the FLGS and play matched play, win or lose. :)

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2 x 20 Savage Orruks to form the core of your battleline. They're not quite as effective as if you were fielding a straight Bonesplittas army, but still reasonable effective.

4 Big Stabbas fielded as a Teef Ruk is always a welcome addition to the army, the final fling rule has some advantages as opponents don't always want to kill them off!

Troll Hag would be a good addition to the theme, as would the Fimur models. I'd suggest fitting in a Troll Hag to be your "leader" of the army regardless.

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