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Virginia TO sometimes plays


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I started 8th Ed WFB in 2014 with the main goal of starting a Fantasy community in my small town to rival the group of 40K players. Probably because I hadn't played for long, I enjoyed witnessing the destruction of the Old World and embraced AoS last year.  I managed to talk my wife into trying to play and she actually liked it!

I helped run a 2-day event at a tabletop gaming convention in Virginia, USA two months after AoS dropped in 2015 with a mere 6 players. I ran a few local campaigns in the meantime, then ran AoS again this past Labor Day weekend with 28 players total in a Saturday 3-game tournament and a 4-day narrative campaign. So, I'm feeling renewed to organize more events in the coming year!

Occasionally, when I'm not painting models or planning events, I play a game with a local player or my wife on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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