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Collegiate Arcane and War Council


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I'm a Destruction player, but Collegiate Arcane units got me itrigued. By curiosity i unlocked the War Council Battalion and started thinking if it can be used to build reliable army.

For those not familiar with War Council it consists of:


1 Battlemage on Griffon

3-8 Battlemages

1 Celestial Hurricanum

1 Luminark of Hysh

Battalion's special rules allows any of it's mages decid not to cast any spells in that turn and aid others instead. If a wizzard from this Battalion casts a spell he gets +1 to casting rolls and +6" to spell's range for each other wizzard helping him. This allows to cast outside of enemy unbinding range or to reach some key targets in first game turn.

The minimal cost of the formation is 1340 points (3 battlemages) leaving 660 for battlelines and other stuff. The Luminark of Hysh can be fielded without a mage on it, allowing to take one more Leader (i.e. High Elf Loremaster that can give hit and wound rerolls to 1 model [griffon or luminark]).

Also there should be at least one beefy unit to protect the Hurricanum and Luminark (maybe 10 liberators).  With enough points some decent archers that can benefit form Celestial Hurricanum +1 to hit aura could also do some damage.


Any Ideas of 660 points filler? Anyone tried this Battalion or it's units?



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