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Hedonites' Invaders - multiple generals...?

Big Kim Woof-Woof


Hey all. I'm very new to Age of Sigmar... last time I was shoving models around a table it was square bases as far as the eye could see. Trying to wrap my head around some rules. This one in particular.... 

The Invaders 'Figureheads of the Dark Prince' battle trait means I can have three generals, all considered to be a general for the purposes of using command abilities. Does this simply mean that the range of issuing commands is 18" rather than 12"? Or am I missing something else? 

Ta, and apologies if this is a stupid question! 


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That's one of the main ones but there are a few other effects in the game that care about models being generals.

You gain a command point if you have a general on the field at the start of each hero phase, and Heroic Leadership is easier if a general has been slain. The Hedonites of Slaanesh FAQ says this:


"You receive the command point for having a general on the battlefield at the start of the hero phase if 1 or more of these generals are on the battlefield (you still only receive 1 command point if you have 2 or more generals on the battlefield). You receive the +2 modifier to the Heroic Leadership heroic action only if all of the generals have been slain."

So having three generals makes it harder for your opponent to deny you a start of hero phase command point since they have to kill all three generals.


The Slay the Warlord battle tactic relies on killing "the model chosen to be your opponent's general"*.

The grand strategy Vendetta also relies on slaying your opponent's "model chosen to be their general" while stopping them from slaying your "model chosen to be your general".

The reason this wording is used is because there are some named models that have an ability where they count as your general in addition to whoever you pick, but they're specifically excluded with this wording because you didn't choose them to be your general. You do choose all three of your generals in Invaders Host, and it's not addressed in the FAQ, so I would assume this means that it is easier for an opponent to slay a model chosen to be your general because you have three of them.


There are also a few other little unit specific effects that care about generals, like Kurdross Valentinian of the Nighthaunt has a bonus when fighting enemy generals.

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