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Thoughts on tournament list?


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The Heralds of Velja Noc

In the Realm of March there's a quiet unease.

Where once was hustle and bustle of everyday life; now only cattle graze. Where once was laughter;  now only hushed whispers. The time of Velik Dan is drawing to a close.

All over the land, from the marble arches of Mosca to the humble abodes of Hinche, mothers draw their children close. Stalwart men, hardened from years of toil and battle, grit their teeth in preparation. Nobles and Royals weep silently, all political disputes forgot, knowing their riches offer no protection from the coming storm.

For now is the time of Velja Noc, and its heralds, Queen Veles and Baroness Samedi, will walk the earth again.


  • 'Queen Veles' (Vlad Von Carstein)
  • 'Baroness Samedi' (Isabella Von Carstein)
  • 12 x Spirit Hosts
  • 1 x Cairn Wraith
  • 2 x Tomb Banshee
  • 5 x Hexwraiths
  • 1 x Mourngul
  • 1 x Wight King (with Baleful Tomb Blade) 
  • 1 x Necrosphinx
  • 1 x Morghast Archai 
  • 5 x Dire Wolves
  • 1 x Screaming Skull Catapult


Hi all, 

This is the list I am running in an upcoming tournament. It is 100 SCGT pool choices. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thoughts on the theme as well would be appreciated. 


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