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Tournament Terrain and Gaming mat Hire


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Hi everyone,

I wanted to post this to let event organisers know about Uk Tournament terrain hire. 

Age of Sigmar terrain and gaming mats for 100 tables (200 players)

The is the terrain used at our Blood and Glory events and also seen at SCGT and most recently the fantastic War in the Heartlands.

Also available is 40k Terrain and Gaming mats for 50 tables.  

Prices are simply £5 per player at the event. 

This is sorted out after the event is wrapped up, so you don’t have to guess at the number of players that will be attending.  

The terrain is stored in Derby and can be collected and returned or nationwide courrier service can be arranged at additional cost. 

If this is something that you may be interested in feel free to get in touch via DM on here, or email bencurry@baddice.co.uk










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We hired this for the WitH event pictured above and would highly recommend others to do the same.

 Sourcing Matts and Terrain for events is a big job for event organisers and Ben’s terrain really took a weight off my minds. We knew it looked good and was practical for gaming purposes and would have no hesitation in hiring it again. 

 When I attend events I don’t really want to be carrying a large army and terrain around after each game and this is a perfect solution and even if it means adding the cost directly to the ticket price I’d always be willing to pay for events to do so. Hence why we made the decision we did for War in the Heartlands. 

 5 ️ 

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