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3 cabbages?!?


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A couple of points. 


The choppaz allegiance is only buffing your min sized ard boyz so you're much better off with Ironsunz as that'll let your mawkrushas support each other. 


Another thing to think about is dropping the weirdnob for another warchanter. 2 buffed krushas are better than 1. You can grab an extra enhancement for the arcane tome if you really want a spell. 

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12 hours ago, Sleaky said:

I'm thinking of running 3 maw krushas, 3 units a 5 ardboys, warchanter and weird nob.

CA on maws with Mighty Detroyer on all 3, Choppas on warchanter issuing violent fury to 3 units, weird nob for HoG?? 


Its a cute idea but doesnt work. If you want to push 3 monsters around I would suggest Mega Gargants or Stonehorns.

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