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The Rage Quit Amnesty

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I still like the Old World more. 

Then, again, I was never into Rank&File, which just seemed wrong with only a few dozen, max 200 fighters on the battlefield, which would still only be a skirmish in real life. Also I like short basic  rules

So, win some lose some, I’d say 😄

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I sat stunned, I didn't do anything, I just kind of sat looking at Age of Sigmar like what just happened.   
in 1981 as a nine year old kid,  I walked along a pale autumn day on the bay-front of Bath Maine,  I was with my father, he was home from deployment in the military and this was a rare occasion in my young life. we stumbled into a Local Friendly gaming store.  there were two gentlemen playing warhammer fantasy on a giant table that must have been a mile long!! ok I was 9 it wasn't really that big but it seemed like it to me. the thing is the two guys were complete pretentious JERKS which from what I understand wasn't uncommon. sadly one of them was the store owner (again not uncommon back then). but it didn't matter, I was hooked.  with enough Daddy please!! I walked out with a mix box of dark elf spear-men and what would become dark shards. my father got the high elves and it was on! for years after my father and I would play when ever he was home from deployment, but I started taking my army to other local stores and from there things just got out of hand. sure I thought I could handle it, like I was in control but if I was honest with myself I was lost to the Drucii and all things dark elf, I mean really who needs 4 war hydras not me!! I can walk away at any time.... I can quit maybe just not today because chariots!  and there I was in the back tables going up against empire blokes, pulling weekenders at friends houses ! I didn't know how bad it had gotten I couldn't see it unitl  green skins. I had an idea for an all Goblin Troll army and then I made my first ever ebay purchase!  I was ducking down back alleys free basing goblins, there wasn't enough greenstuff on the planet to get my goblin conversions the way I wanted....  I had a problem. I tried warhammer re-hab  more commonly called marriage, there was this thing called Adulting that people were trying but it never really worked for me.  then it happened, age of sigmar. 
   I couldn't believe it, in a single night and a day my 500+ goblin army was gone.  All my dark elves were eaten and the end times wasn't just some marketing ploy to get me to buy more models, because I didn't really need an excuse just a paycheck!  but no the end was really the end and I sat looking back over the years of my my life .... good times! but now what?   there was a voice in the back of my mind saying, wait. just wait. it can't stay like this? can it?  sure I tried 9th age, but it just wasn't the same. it was like using pseudoephedrine pe it just doesn't work like the old stuff.  again came the voice wait GW isn't trying to commit suicide they know what their doing just wait. and then it happened ! the generals handbook! suddenly age of Sigmar was an actual game.  and then something even more miraculous I heard the cry of the witches! the daughters of Khaine and Big Mo was re-born More incredible than I would have ever imagined!! but the silent whispers that I had been hearing started getting louder and I felt the tide shift .... the bad moon was rising!! and now My Goblins are BACK BABY!! that's right and 'ol Grossel Snogg the Iron Hook is back in business!! only now he's got some real nasty in his can!   So I say age of sigmar bring it on!   Now I sit like a black dragon of Naggeroth waiting to see what has become of Malerion and the rest of the dark ones! .... it's gonna be good...  

Grozzel Snogg da iron hook cave lights.jpg

Grozzel Snogg and the Iron hook boys.jpg

Grozzel Snogg the early years.jpg

mad sun forest goblins.jpg





80738C659CD6CB849904F0C8B89AFA84.1187 - Copy - Copy (2).jpg


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Almost a decade ago was when I was most into Warhammer - a teen and incredibly indecisive, I had bought multiple small forces none exceeding 500 points. By the time End Times rolled around I had moved to more virtual hobbies but still followed the lore. A long story short, much salt was spread and grudges written down and I vowed to never return to the 'plastic cocaine' of Games Workshop ever again. I sold my meager Ogres and Skaven and gave the dwarves to my brother while keeping my small but to me special Bretonnians who had been squatted. Fast forward to this year and I start hearing how fun AoS is and I can feel a tinge of nostalgia in my cold, cold heart. But what about the lore, I ask, surely it must be worse than of WHFB?

By curiosity I browse Black Library and buy for a couple euros C.L Werner's short story Shiprats - and it is exactly what I needed. Megalomanic Skaven, an interesting setting, dw- duardin being duardin and a very 'local' perspective proving that AoS is more than these grand demigodly battles, that these smaller stories fit alongside the near-mythical narrative-changing arcs. I was wrong, and I was converted.

And that is the story of how Games Workshop pulled me back in.

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