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Events UK: Bloodshed In The Shires 2022 - Two day 2000pt AOS Event (SOLD OUT)


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Event Title: Bloodshed In The Shires 2022 - Two day 2000pt AOS Event (SOLD OUT)
Event Author: Fireborn33
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 02/19/2022 08:30 AM to 02/20/2022 12:00 AM

So after a long year ... BLOODSHED IN THE SHIRES is back! We have a new venue and onboarded lots of feedback from our first event. 80 Player singles event, fully licensed bar, oven baked pizza, table service and Gothic Church setting

Held at The Wycombe Art Centre in High Wycombe Central, this venue is close to the train station and plenty of hotels. 

Pack Link - https://t.co/KXalSbXUic




Adam Hall
Alex Bruce
Alex Jones
Andrew Hodges
Andy Hall
Ben Curry
Ben Johnson
Ben Smith
Benjamin Murphy
Benjamin Savva 
Bryn Roberts
Chris Green
Chris Hibbins
Christian Moore
Craig Namvar
Dan Bradshaw
Daniel Ryan
Darron Styles
Edward Hamon
Gabriele Cesare Sosso
Hugh Halligan
Jack Armstrong
Jack Davenport
James Box
James Eveleigh
James Grant
James Hanson
James Hobbs
James Powell
James Tinsdale
John Burgess
Johnny Armstrong
Kenny Gibson-Chhetri
Kristian Barlow
Laurie HW
Lee 'Tuggy' Kay 
Liam Jordan 
Marc Brookes
Marc Wilson
Mark Paddon
Mark Storrar
Mark Wildman
Martin Morrin
Matt Ansell
Matt Rogers
Matthew Gouldesbrough
Matthew Lyons
Max Barton
Michael Browning
Michael Gilson
Michael Wilson
Mike Stewart
Miles Hewitt
Owen Jackson
Paul Buckler
Phil Jupp
Phil Marshall
Reece West
Rich Buckler
Richard Wigmore
Ricky Mee
Ritchie McCalley
Rob Hall
Russ Veal
Russ Ward
Sam Saunders
Sebastian Del monte
Simon Cobb
Simon Froley
Simon Wheatley
Steve Philips
Stuart Hodges
Thomas Bell
Tim Pearce 
Tom Lees
Tom Mawdsley
Tom Parry
Vitto Manetti
Wayne Rendell 
Will Philphott



Adam James 
Patrick O'Sullivan 
Michael Louis
Ray Standage 
Christopher Nobbs 
Elliot Morris
Freddie Leggett
Paul & Tom Leat
Rory Carter
Tom Fretwell 
Kieron A
Greg Shelton
Dan Arnold
Andy Hughes
Chris Myhill
Aaron Wilson
Pete B
Danny Banks
Adam Mumford
Gabe Huddlestone


Bloodshed In The Shires 2022 - Two day 2000pt AOS Event (SOLD OUT)

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