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Medieval Armour Seminar

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Not sure if this is the right topic area for this, but tomorrow at 3pm UK time (wed 6th Oct) University of Glasgow's Centre for War Studies is hosting our National Museum's curator of European Weapons and Armour for a talk entitled:

‘wele & sufficiently arayed as it apertiens to their degree’: Arms & Armour of Fighting Men at the time of Agincourt


This seminar will be led by Dr Ralph Moffat, Curator of European Arms & Armour at Glasgow Museums. It will present objects from Glasgow Museums’ collections to provide a better understanding of the equipment used by the fighting men of this time.

For zoom details please email arts-warstudies@glasgow.ac.uk 

Further Reading

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    East Lothian Antiquarian Society 30 (2015), 21-37
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  • –– ‘Arms and Armour’, A Companion to Chivalry, ed. R. W. Jones and P. Coss (Woodbridge, 2019), pp. 159-85

You can register to attend by emailing arts-warstudies@glasgow.ac.uk.

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