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Recruiting Players in Seoul, Korea


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First off, I apologize to the mods if this is in the wrong place. I looked around and I can't seem to find another subforum that this would fit into. A few months ago I sent a message to the mod team requesting an "Asian" section to international communities subforum but never got a response.

I am part of a small, but very active group of AoS players in Seoul, South Korea. We would like to reach out an invitation to other players who might be lurking about and unaware that there are weekly games of English AoS available. Now some people might think this is just "shooting into the wind" but surprisingly it was actually here on these forums that I originally found the group (one of the other players noticed I mentioned Korea in a post and then PM'd me). It's my hope that there may still be a few others out there that we can find and meet up with!

Where Do We Play?

We play at a wargaming club called Old Dice. It is located near Yeongdeungpo station. It's a very active club and interestingly, Age of Sigmar seems to be one of, if not the most popular game there. They have eight tables available that we can book in advance. Each table has a terrain mat and there's a huge selection of terrain pieces to choose from and use in your games. Cost of entry is insanely low, 5,000 won to play, and that includes a free drink.

When Do We Play?

We try to play every weekend. I'm personally able to make it almost every weekend, and I'm usually able to find someone to play with every single week. We meet at 11:00 on either Saturday or Sunday and these days we typically get two full games in (2k points).

How Big Is Our Group?

We currently have three foreigners in our group and so far there are seven Korean players comfortable playing in English that set up games with us every other week or so. The Korean AoS community is surprisingly active, the open Kakao group has over 140 members and is very busy all day long, every day of the week. Most weekends it is usual to see at least 3 tables at the club playing AoS.

How To Get In Contact

If you're in the area and want to play with us, or perhaps live here and have thought about joining the hobby but haven't committed yet, you can message me through these forums or reply in this thread. Afterwards I can invite you to one of the Kakao groups to set up some games.

Again, apologies to the 99% of the players who don't play in Korea for taking up some space on the general discussion board but we would love to expand our group!







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