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CoS and my backlog


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Here is my Demigryph. I didnt model his Equipment. I used blue stuff to copy some interesting things like candels and bags and put it on his bag. I did the same with his neck. I let the greenstuff harden for about an hour, before i released it from his mold. This way its still formable and doesnt get destroyed by the first touch.






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One of the next steps is to sand down the armor, fill in the gaps, model flames on the candles and put wax around them. I thought i should also create some ropes to tie the sword and helmet visible to the gryph. Colorwise i tend to a really dark theme. Like a hospitaler knight. Exept a white tree that the cross. The thing with the candles is some sort of ritual for him. 

The next gryph will get a bigger fluffyer throat. And way more colours. Like the britonian counterparts. I also plan with a "hidden" vampire one. 

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Here is my death mage Hans. He ll join my zombie horde for now. Got a little impatient in the end. Same with the base. It seems to difficult to cover the large gaps created between the sleeves with greenstuff. Next time i will use milliput and samd it down for a smoother surface. 

Have a nice day




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