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Let's fix the Hedonite subfactions: The Host Resplendent


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Hey guys, 

I made a post about this in the main thread but we all know the old subfactions of Pretenders, Godseekers and Invaders don't really make much sense anymore from a thematic or metaplot standpoint. With that in mind, I've been messing around with faction ideas to while away the time. I present the vainglorious ranks who follow in the Geldprince's wake: the Host Resplendent... 

The Host Resplendent

Showboating gladiators, arrogant dilettantes, sadistic mercenaries – all find a place in the ranks of Sigvald’s Host Resplendent.  

For the elite of the Host Resplendent, glory to Slaanesh is given in the arterial spray of an opened throat, the cut and thrust of an elegant melee, the agonising screams of a dying foe. Death is a gift to be given but slowly, that Slaanesh and his willing servants might savour the agony of their quarry as the cat savours the torment of the mouse.

There are no finer swordsmen and –women in all of the Mortal Realms than those who of the Host Resplendent, for Sigvald the Magnificent suffers no lesser warrior to join his ranks. Those who earn the right to follow in his wake (for no one draws blood before the Geldprince or his chosen seconds) constantly strive to outdo one another in their gory ballet, striking the flashiest blow or the most impressive kill. Only the most skilled of the Host Resplendent will earn a place at the Geldprince’s table, toasting their bloody conquests and earning the fickle affections of a gaggle of Daemonette handmaidens. Those who fail to impress Sigvald will instead find out just how changeable the Daemonettes’ affections are…

Battle traits – Magnificence Supreme

Champion of the Dark Prince

The general of a Host Resplendent fancies themselves a swordsperson beyond compare, and should they seize the initiative few can stand before the balletic grace of their assault…

If a Host Resplendent General has charged this turn, they fight at the start of the combat phase. They cannot fight again in that phase unless an ability or spell allows it.

If the Host Resplendent General is Sigvald the Magnificent, add 1 to wound rolls and -1 to the rend characteristic of Shardslash for the rest of the phase.


The Cruellest Cut

The duellists of a Host Resplendent delight in tormenting their opponents, dancing around them gracefully and waiting for the perfect opening before slipping a well-placed blade past their defences.

If the unmodified wound roll for a Host Resplendent unit is 6, increase the rend characteristic of that attack by -1.


Maidens of Excess

Daemonettes have always been particularly drawn to the battlefields of the Geldprince and his lieutenants, for the Host Resplendent leaves behind no shortage of mutilated victims upon whom they visit their depraved ministrations...

When summoning a SLAANESH DAEMON unit using depravity points, lower the depravity point requirement by 1 for any SLAANESH DAEMON with the DAEMONETTE keyword.

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Adding a new subfaction would be  neat, and these abilities are very appealing. One of my biggest disappointment with our book was that our subfactions were pretty much left as they were in the old battletome. With the storyline progressing it made little sense and with the changes of how locus and depravity worked I was hopping the subfactions would become better than what they were but GW did not touch them. They did not even include the Sylleske sub faction from white dwarf nor the wrath of the everchosen ones in our tome.What would you do for command traits and artefacts? I was disappointed the syllekhian host didn t have any

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I agree, extremely disappointed that our lore and factions barely got touched. I've just finished working on the command traits: 

Command Traits – Solipsism Supreme

If SIGVALD THE MAGNIFICENT is your general, he may take one of the following command traits. This is an exception to the rule that unique characters cannot take command traits.

1 Eternal Sycophancy

To fight in the shadow of Sigvald or his lieutenants is an honour indeed, and every warrior in a Host Resplendent will redouble their efforts to earn a place at the Geldprince’s banquet table…

You may re-roll wound rolls of 1 for all Host Resplendent units wholly within 12” of this general.

2 Upon the Altar of the Dark Prince  

The warriors of the Host Resplendent live to cut their foes down in a dervish of gore and arterial spray, and the more of the enemy lies broken and bleeding behind them, the more power their general draws from the carnival of death.

At the end of the combat phase, if any enemy units were destroyed during that phase and this general is on the battlefield, you receive 1 command point.

 3 Barbed Tongue

This general is renowned for the sharpness of their tongue as much as their blade, and they goad their opponent into an unreasoning frenzy before delivering the killing stroke.

At the start of the combat phase, you may pick one enemy HERO within 6” of this general. Add 1 to hit rolls made by that HERO that target this general, but subtract 1 from save rolls made by friendly units that target that HERO.

4 Arrogance Beyond Compare

This general is so assured of their superiority that they are convinced they can stay the blows of even the mightiest opponents. Their innate superiority confirmed, their foe is slain with nary a second thought.   

In the combat phase, you may re-roll hit and wound rolls for this general provided that they target an enemy HERO that has already fought in this phase and who targeted this general with at least one attack.   

5 Hubristic might

This general is thoroughly convinced of their martial superiority, and each enemy champion lain low merely confirms that belief.

Each time this general slays an enemy HERO, add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of each of their melee weapons.

6 Useless to Resist

This general’s reputation precedes them to such an extent that even hardened champions fear to raise their weapon, already resigned to the lingering death that Slaanesh’s champion will inflict upon them

Subtract 1 from the hit rolls of melee weapons that target this general.

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1 The Rod of Misrule

[I don’t think this needs a re-design, it’s genuinely a fantastic artefact that would be a 100% auto-take if the amulet of destiny didn’t exist]

2 Shadeglass Falx

A pale reflection of Sigvald’s mighty Shardslash, the Shadeglass Falx nevertheless slices through all but supernatural defences with the greatest of ease.

Pick one of the bearer’s melee weapons. Change the rend of that weapon to -3.

 3 Casket of Dark Beguilement

It is said that the Dark Prince himself whispered into this ornate golden coffer at the Masquerade of the Palace Grandiose, his divine susurrus carrying with it the promise of an eternity of pleasures both carnal and spiritual. So tempting are these promises that they drive the most incorruptible of souls to turn on their very allies in order to pursue them…

Once per battle, in your hero phase, the bearer may nominate an enemy HERO within 12”. You may immediately make a 3” pile-in with that HERO and make an attack with all of their melee weapons as if they were a friendly unit. 

4 Shieldslip Standard

Emulating the razor-sharp claws of Slaanesh’s favoured handmaidens, no shield or breastplate may stand against the wicked blades of the Hedonite Host when this opulent standard is held aloft.

Once per battle, at the start of the combat phase, the bearer can use this artefact. If they do so, increase the rend of all friendly HEDONITE units by -1 while they are wholly within 12” of the bearer.

5 The Turnblade

So bejewelled and fine is this sentient blade that few warriors can refuse its seductive call. Once battle is joined, however, and the blade twists in their grasp, their avaricious folly is revealed in the arc of their own gouting lifeblood…

After set-up is completed, but before battle begins, choose one enemy HERO with a melee weapon. If an attack is missed with that weapon, that HERO suffers 1 mortal wound. On an unmodified roll of 1 with that weapon, that HERO instead suffers D3 mortal wounds.

6 Cilice of the Geld-Prince

This tined cilice, cinched around the thigh of the wearer, was forged from a splinter of the Geld-Prince’s long-lost weapon from the world that was. The incessant pain is a reminder that, though none can match the speed of Sigvald, imitation is the best form of flattery.

Add 2 to any charge rolls made by the bearer.

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Absolutely amazing, you have a very rich imagination!   GW should let you write our battletome.

Could I ask you for a favor, could you apply your rich imagination and expand upon the Lurid Haze faction, if you could come up with six artefacts of power, six command traits and battle traits that are lore fitting for the Lurid Haze faction? 

I would be eternally grateful to you if you could do this, since I am planning on making a purely Lurid Haze themed Hedonites (there will be heavy customization of miniatures, I already got various censers from Skaven)  army and I am dying for lore inspiration!

My thanks in advance!

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19 minutes ago, Sorrow said:

Could I ask you for a favor, could you apply your rich imagination and expand upon the Lurid Haze faction, if you could come up with six artefacts of power, six command traits and battle traits that are lore fitting for the Lurid Haze faction? 

Sure, no problem! For this one I really just adapted the Invaders traits/artefacts and tried to make them a bit more fitting for Sigvald and his retinue. I'll have to go back and look at the Lurid Haze lore provided. 

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