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AoS app Beta feedback: A call to the arms of the Realms, Scenery and Warscroll fluff.

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Hey friends and fellow generals of the Mortal Realms, sorry if this feels like superfluous post compared to what I'm sure are many other pressing matters with the Beta(please don't smite me too hard mods from your rightful positions in Azyr, and a boulder hurled from Ghur by King Brodd).

But it struck me that despite how much i'm liking the new app(really smooth searches) I noticed that they left out factionless Scenery Warscrolls entirely.

Here's a link to Legends so people can see the older Scenery warscrolls if they don't know what they added to a battle and don't have the AoS2 app to check yet.(2.0 did streamline them a bit  which was good though I still loved the older fence's "signpost to war" gave a movement buff. What a fun detail!)


Now it is only Beta so they want the shiny factions and endless spells people really care about front and center (though Endless Spells could use a Malign Portents page) but I think it's still valuable to bring this up as all that scenery has such great narrative fluff and flavor that really enhance the battles in the Mortal Realms. It'd be a true shame if this oversight kept someone from stumbling on the fun the Realmgates can bring with quick moving armies or the Occulum and Archway amplifying mystical terrain effects on the field causing even heavier shifts in what an army might aim for as an advantage.

My second part on Warscroll fluff/flavor came from seeing some people on Facebook give feedback that the warscrolls don't need anything but rules.

I'm definitely of the opinion the flavor texts need to 100% stay(and even have more of it!)

The ongoing battle between players who just want to play the game and players who want to be immersed as generals in the Mortal Realms. Which mind can be necessary as we saw with Realm Rules that went from huge lists of purely narrative things to watered down matched play bonuses to now where they strike a great seasonal balance to be hefty enough to please lore lovers and efficiency ruled enough so Matched players don't seem them as unbalanced messes of fluff.

In short: when you put in feedback please say something for regular scenery warscrolls and to keep the flavor texts.

Mods if this seems unnecessary or "ranty" then by all means delete this thread. I just wanted to get a few more people aware of what made the Azyr App such a joy to browse through even with no games in mind. :)

Best of fortune to all of you and that the new app can become something great.

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4 hours ago, Baron Klatz said:

Mods if this seems unnecessary or "ranty" then by all means delete this thread. I just wanted to get a few more people aware of what made the Azyr App such a joy to browse through even with no games in mind. :)

I think you’ve made a valid point and good feedback. If you’ve not seen it, give feedback below: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/3DSRJ8N?utm_source=WarhammerCommunity&utm_medium=Post&utm_campaign=TryOutWarhammerAgeofSigmarTheAppandtheStormForgeArmyList-buildingToolRightNowforFree15092021&utm_content=TryOutWarhammerAgeofSigmarTheAppandtheStormForgeArmyList-buildingToolRightNowforFree15092021

If I’m honest, I like the idea but I suspect it won’t happen because you would need to get somebody to do it and the sort of person you need to do it (focused, attention to detail) would be better doing other stuff. 

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That thought has crossed my mind. Scenery warscrolls got watered down in AoS2 where several became just "obstacles & cover" with a few giving a buff or garrison rules on the Warscrolls. Only the few massive scenery pieces gave more abilities.

Now even garrison is covered in Core Rules instead so they might be streamlining it so scenery and terrain are blank slates that get abilities from the Mysterious Terrain chart, battleplans and Realmscape rules.

Which would be a pity for the narrative side losing all those fluffy rules but on the other hand does keep with making AoS more accessible for newbies that don't have to keep extra tabs on every piece of terrain beyond using them as cover or having troops skirmish through them Warcry-style to funnel enemies & monsters with few eldritch changes that happen because of the layered on battlepack or realm rules to increase depth.

Wins and losses. As long as it helps more people get into AoS i'm okay with it.

My stance on warscroll flavor and even a nice model picture in the background remains resolute as the Alarith mountains though. ⛰️

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