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Planning 2K from Skeleton Horde


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Hi all,
Recently got into AoS and my wife and I picked up Death as our 3rd faction.
It might transition into my main though, so let's see how this goes!
We started with the SC Skeleton Horde box, and I like to plan out my army before I buy more. I'm thinking we can get the Flesh Eater Starter box, some skeleton warriors, a necromancer, and fill from there. We have only bult the Mortarch so far (going to magnetize rider).
It's my understanding that the Hexwraiths are way better than Black Knights, even if the theme is off. I don't care as much about theme.
I'm not really interested in a ton of hordes, and I like having a couple monsters, so don't mind if the list leans in that direction.
Here's the plan so far, with some extra points I'm not sure where to put them.
Mannfred Mortarch Of Night (460)
Vampire Lord On Zombie Dragon (440)
- General
- Vampiric Sword & Shield & Chalice
- Trait: Ruler of the Night
-OPTIONAL: Artefact: Cursed Book (Can take this if the ring isn't necessary for Necromancer).
Necromancer (120)
- Artefact: Ring of Immortality

Morghast Archai x 2 (240)
Skeleton Warriors x 40 (320)
- Ancient Spear & Crypt or Tomb Shield
Hexwraiths x 5 (160)

Total: 1740/2000
The Vampire Lord will usually be using his command trait on Skeletons if he's in range.
Necro will use danse on skeletons.

So from here:
We need 2 more battle line units. Thinking skeletons are bad in groups of 10 only, but I don't want another 2x20(40) skeletons to move around. Could get zombies (10, 10 maybe more) and combine them and sit them on an objective. Or use Flesh Eater Crypt Ghouls.
Ghouls are more expensive but can actually do some damage in groups of 10. However there's no room left for synergy with FEC.
So my issue is, that my wife hates the GW zombies, they look stupid. Not sure if there's other models out there, but we mainly play at a GW store and I don't know if you're allowed to use models from another game. 
Also thought that maybe we could use crypt ghouls AS zombies. In that case We will buy the flesh eater court start collecting box. Should we run the Crypt horrors too?
Tactics wise, do you see any flaws?
We're not that interested in having to worry about summoning as we're all Matched Play style.
Also, I've seen suggestions that you can have Morghast Archai stand behind chaff units and use their polearms 3" range. That confuses me, because how do they charge a unit successfully if they're not in base-to-base contact?
I see a lot of people run the Wight King, but I don't really get it. His command ability seems comparable to Mannfred or Vampire Lord's reroll to hit, and those two behemoths can't get easily sniped out. Am I missing something?
Also the Mournghoul looks too powerful and I'm not interested in running that. I simply don't understand how to kill it. Doesn't seem balanced(fun) in matched play.
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You can modify the zombies^^ I often mix crypt ghouls and zombies to obtain other ones, or imperial models ( freeman?), zombies are easy to create: dwarfs, goblins and so on if the problem is their exterior. If you have to choose between 10 ghouls or 2 units of 10 zombies whose can back and can form a 20man strong unit.. I prefer the latter. Anyway if there are no other models of crypt ghouls who can be mistaken with that is not a problem to use them as zombies I think

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