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Hello my fellow lizardfolk.  Tomorrow I have a game against sons of behemat.  My opponent has asked me to bring the best list I can,  now to preface this I have 8350 points of seraphon and the things I’m missing are few and most are not relevant to this question ie terradons ripperdactyls and a few other skink related units.  I have 


10 stegadons ( 2 are chiefs) 

80 saurus warriors

40 skinks 

3 bastiladons 

2 skink priests 

1 skink star priest 

1 skink star seer 

2 astrolith bearers 

2 slaan and lord kroak

carnosaurs both old blood and scar vet

20 saurus knights

and a razordorn


im not sure what list to put down I’ve been leaning towards  a six stegadon list that fits in the one drop battalion but not sure what would make that better any ideas working with what I have?  Thanks 


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