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Stormcast Eternals 3.0 - There is no "a" in Vindictors


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Good morning! Leaky Santa has visited in the night and you’re all on the good list

5 attacks 3+/2+/-3/2
4 attacks 3+/3+/-2/2
fire breath missile. 12" 3-4 d3 mortal wounds, 5-6 d6 mortal wounds
11 wounds, 3+ save. 255 points

once per battle, pick a stormdrake guard unit, it can breathe fire in the hero phase

at the end of the combat phase pick an enemy unit within 1". roll higher than its wounds, model is slain instantly.

ignores spells on a 4+

makes stormdrake guard battleline

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hammers of sigmar: 6+ ward while wholly within 12" of objective, battleline dracoth

hallowed knights - REDEEMER units fight on a 4+ when they die

anvils of the heldenhammer - at the end of the charge phase roll two dice for each enemy unit within 3", if you roll higher than their bravery ignore the first 2 damage they deal

tempest lords - re-roll one of the dice when charging, battleline prosecutors

astral templars - cant be effected by monstrous rampage

knights excelsior - start of the combat phase pick a PALADIN unit it gets +1/+1, battleline PALADIN

celestial vindicators - start of combat pick one unit, when it makes a hit roll of 6 it causes two hits instead for that phase

celestial warbringers - once per phase a unit can reroll a hit, wound, or save roll

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20 minutes ago, Sagittarii Orientalis said:

Rumour says new Celestial Warbringers allow each unit to re-roll either a hit roll, or a wound roll, or a save roll per phase.

Now I know what stormhost I should be running when taking ballistas and knight judicator.😉

might be once per turn once a phase, each phase sounds too strong

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Seems all paladins are on a 3+ save now and only the shield guys are 2+, however protectors get +1 save.

Noteworthy damage output now too:

Retributors also gained an attack and rend, so they are on 3+/3+/-2/2, still do mortals on 6s
235 per 5

Annihilators with grand hammers
3 attacks, 3+/2+/-2/3
240 per 3

Assuming +1 attack for a prime and that all models in the unit fights, these 2 units deal just about the same damage. I think I like the retributors more for more wounds and bodies in this case, although have not seen any additional warscroll rules. 

These guys will be nasty with the translocation still being able to move after the hero phase...

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17 minutes ago, frostfire said:

Stormdrake Guard are 3+ save and 9 wounds each. 285pts per 2. That's 18 wounds on 3+ for 285pts

Sounds like they get some extra move shenanigans as well and the knight draconis can have them breath attack more. They sound really compelling for their cost too.

Was going to buy them anyway though xD

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