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AoS Gloomspite 1200 point list. Newish to game questions.


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Hey, new to the page and the game. I have roommates who mainly play 40k but I just purchased some gloomspite units. We are pretty bouncy when it comes to different rules and things to look out for especially ones that are changed from 40k. Any good sites, or summaries for the rules to watch out for? 

One question I have, for Mollog's Mob, the ability Reassuring Presence does not stack with another models Reassuring Presence? (ie Troggboss), follow up, does Jabbertoads -1 to enemy attack roles stack with his Spiteshroom -1 to attacks in that combat phase? Meaning he shoots the unit first then attacks making the 5+.


Right now I am rocking Troggs (15 Troggoth, Troggboss, Skragott) near 1200 points. I have some squigs (25 hoppers, 12 snufflers, boss on giant squig) but because I am facing my roommate who has tzeentch the magic resistance is sweet. He mainly places flamers and lord of change. He is adding a burning chariot soon and Im adding mollog's mob. If you have any advice on rules specific to these armies to watch out for or generic advice to help me beat him😀 

Last question, we are pretty free style play right now but what are the rules regarding how many heroes, who gets what artifacts, how many, and same question but about command traits? (Does only general get all these ? ) and we use battlescribe if that helps. 

Thank you a bunch!

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