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Kruleboyz 2k List


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Hi there, new to AoS and to list-building. What do you think of this 2k list, made from Dominion + Harbinger + Warrior, with a Dankhold Troggoth thrown in for good measure.


(Kruleboyz - 1,980 points)

Killaboss / Gnashtoof       Leader 1/6       200pts       Warlord 1 (General / Commander)
Murknob                          Leader 2/6       115pts       Warlord 1 (Sub-commander)
Swampcalla                      Leader 3/6       125pts       Warlord 1 (Sub-commander)

2x Guttrippaz                   Battleline 2/3   360pts       Warlord 1 (Troops x2)

Killaboss / Stab-grot        Leader 4/6       140pts       Warlord 2 (Commander) 1xE
Killaboss / Stab-grot        Leader 5/6       140pts       Warlord 2 (Sub-commander)
Swampcalla                      Leader 6/6       125pts       Warlord 2 (Sub-commander)

Gutrippaz                         Battleline 3/3   180pts      Warlord 2 (Troops)

3x Hobgrot Slittaz            -                       285pts     -
Man-skewer Boltboyz      -                       120pts      -

Dankhold Troggoth         Allied 190/400 190pts      - 

Core Battalions: 2x Warlord

Command Trait: Heroic Stature on Killaboss w/ Gnashtoof
Artefacts: Amulet of Destiny on Killaboss w/ Gnashtoof
+ Amulet of Destiny on Killaboss w/ Stab-grot
+ Amulet of Destiny on Dankhold Troggoth
Spell Lores: Levitate
Prayers: -
Triumph: Indomitable

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