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The Temple of Heavens - Lumineth for AoP 2022


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Hi guys, first post here in a long while so I thought I’d introduce the new Lumineth army I’m working on for armies on parade next year. It’s a celestial realm army, The Temple of Heavens, and the board will be them vs night haunts on a mountain temple inspired by Kung-fu Panda!  Here’s the first WIP painted minis to show the scheme and the first conversion, my take on the stonemage. What’s everyone think?34051CA6-3A64-44AA-8D4E-A4A7EC1A7AB0.jpeg.5322de97a3413824ecb05b2f76cd6823.jpeg70104F76-319F-4A23-8F39-380ED7CB7180.jpeg.6a99c4f1392285c3bf8c2794b80f5027.jpeg11EE0BA6-F4AE-48D4-9C86-C5D9FB1F348D.jpeg.0f3a2094dfe602c9732cce10af42c69e.jpeg509C6A65-291B-4ADC-8883-29128FC7D2DB.jpeg.3d1ec3ed38b5cf3b103a3174e4c24723.jpeg91996BCD-ABE5-48C9-B69B-0C8A8D729797.jpeg.aadf7a29b587b5693e722c0aa9f561e1.jpeg

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I like that Stone Mage conversion. It manages to combine two poses that I am not a huge fan of into something that I find really appealing. I don't usually like the Cathallar because I think the knees-touching pose is kind of awkward, and I don't usually like the Stonemage because I think it has one too many things stacked on top of the pile (pedestal on a pillar on a floating island). But by removing the pedestal and justifying the way the Cathaller is standing (balancing on a small pillar), the model really becomes more than the sum of it's parts and it now really works for me :)

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