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CrimsonKing's Death Army!


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Ok, so far its one group of skelies, but by god I 'finished' them, just waiting for their compadres in the post.


Tough crowd! Anyways, I took some brighter pics previously, before some rust effects on the copper:



I wanted a real rusted look to their equipment, and used Celestra Grey->Ceramite White in the bone drybrushing to give an eerie midnight feel. Might not come across in the picture.

Thanks for looking!

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No new paint, just trying to get my set built up and primed! I've also got Mannfred on his Dread Abyssal nearly built so I can finish basing the two larger kits.

deathOct1 (2).JPG

The black pad is metal sheeting glued with epoxy onto pdf board, flocked with strong wood glue and primed. All models are

magnetized with some easy to source dollar store neodymium magnets.

deathOct1 (5).JPG

deathOct1 (3).JPG

An attempt at using extra spears to form spiked fences, Next up is using the extra cage walls from the Mortis Engine to create big entrance gate doors. So all in all two sections like the picture and one more with an open gate from 20 spears. This section is only 4.5 inches long.

deathOct1 (4).JPG

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