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The Painting Contract - August 2021

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Hello folks and welcome to the Painting Contract for August 2021!

If you don't know the rules they are:

Each month you post an amount of models that you agree to try to paint/build/convert/sculpt. This can be terrain or models for Age Of Sigmar, Warcry, Blood Bowl, Blitz Bowl, Warhammer Underworlds, Warhammer Quest, Gorechosen, or HeroQuest

On the 28th of the month the contract closes and you can then post your progress images so that they can be critiqued, shared and boasted about. It is a great way to get involved in the community and to get inspiration.

 I'm looking forward to seeing everyone share their progress!


 @Mohojoe  &  @TheOtherJosh & special thanks to @Kramer

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Hobby Goals this Month:


Paint the Death World Forest terrain

Prime the Dominion Stormcasts

Paint the Stormcast Vindicators


Done! ~~Finish Assembling the Orruck side of the Dominion Box~~

Build the Sector Fronteris Killzone

Nighthaunt Warcry Warband basing and Building


Stretch Goals:

Prime the Beastgrave Scatter Terrain

Build Warcry Terrain (if it arrives)

Paint the rest of the Dominion Stormcast

Prime the Dominion Orrucks

Prime Nighthaunt Warband


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  • TheOtherJosh changed the title to The Painting Contract - August 2021

Goals for This month:

Paint Kruleboyz

2 Shamans w. pot grot
1 Killaboss w. stab grot
1 Murknob
10 Gutrippaz
6 Boltboys


Bonus goals:

10 Gutrippaz
1 Killaboss on Gnashtoof

Assemble and prime whatever new Kruleboyz toys i buy :D

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I just found out about this Contract thread and i think it can be a great motivation. I might also try this, as i am a not painting often and when i do i am really slow :D

I should set a low goal of

12 Dryads and a Hive Swarm Endless Spell

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1 Blade Coven sister for Daughters of Khaine

1 Morgwaeth, striding forth in her grim, terrible beauty. The light dazzling as it falls from her crowned brow, the scent of animal ferocity, bridled, waiting for a singular moment, a singular kill, a glorious tribute to Khaine.


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After not being able to prime anything for a week due to bad weather, I have finally been able to get a test model done for the Direwolves I am painting.


I think I can go ahead with this scheme. It has a good balance between detail and effort required, which I find important for battleline units. I should be able to get 10 done before in two weekends by batch painting.


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EDIT: Changed some of my painting and stretch goals to fit with what I actually ended up getting inspiration for! (And because my month time frame is lessening)


Now I've managed to get myself back into painting I'll see if I can try and set some goals!

-Nomad Princess conversion
-10x Converted sisters of the watch (Boy I sped through these)
-Finish 5x Vindictors

-Build 5x Wild riders
-1x Draconic Gyrocoptor Conversion
-Start on evocators/lord arcanum on dracoline

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