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Arms and styles of my CoS Duchess

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Behold the arms and styles of Mahalte Lamorel, Duchess of Bryshavon and of the Daughter, Mistress of the Manticaura, Protectress of Nimue, Amethyst Battlemage of the Collegiate Arcane in Lethis, ruler in Shyish, Ulgu and Hysh, etc etc; called by some traitors 'the Basemage'

My Teclandec protagonist in the worldwide Animosity III: The Prime Dominion campaign :)




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Can't read a word of it, but it sure looks nice! The passion you have shines through and it is very inspiring for me to see fans doing work like this. Makes me feel like the community has more substance than wallowing in the existential decay of modern internet discussions.

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