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[HOMEBREW] Fyreslayers (Lore-Abiding)


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The kids and I tend to play WarCry narratively (tabletop RPG using WarCry for combat) and now the missus wants to join in with some Fyreslayers. As such, I have started creating Lore-Abiding Fyreslayers for her. Sharing here in case anyone else is interested.

Lore-Abiding?? What the??: Lore-Abiding is what I call warbands where the fighters' movement, offence, defence, and abilities are relative to their AoS stats. I think this makes them match up better to Warhammer lore (fluff text).

For example: Vulkite Berzerkers should be tougher and way more deadly in melee than your average Chaos Cultist; etc.

Disclaimer: I haven't battle tested this warband yet so it is definitely in ALPHA status.

Please feel free to provide feedback and ask questions.

Warcry - LA Fyreslayers - Alpha-compressed.pdf

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