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Using old Orcs&Goblins for Kruleboyz?


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Who else got thinking about using old O&G models to count as Kruleboyz?

We still have only an incomplete picture of the Kruleboyz range, but I see quite a lot of options for using older miniatures. Orcs with spear and shield, check. Orc boss on foot or mounted, check. Orc shaman, check. Some goblins on foot, check. Spearchucka, check. Hell, even the "crossbow Orcs" are covered by older models, have a look here.


Sure, it will not be for everybody, and some cases might only be covered with a bit of handwaving. Still, to me it feels like a reasonable option for those who want to give the rules a try while not being interested in the new models (like me).

What is your take on this?

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For myself, it's the opposite. I love the design ideas of old orcs, but dislike metal and the sculpts have aged quite a bit.

The new orcs are them, but in a better material and with better detail.

But if you want to go for it, go ahead!

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If the size is comparable (probably some higher bases) and they are easily recognizable this should definitely be fine. I have a soft spot for my old wyverns( old azhag, new azhag and the wyvern inbetween) and hope there will be something comparable in size so I can use them. 

Rugulds armoured orcs are a unit I really like but was never able to get.

Id love to see old models on the table.

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Kruleboyz are the closest thing to old orc & goblins in AoS: you should give a try.

Gutrippaz > Orc boyz with spear

Hobgrot > Common goblins

Botboyz > Ruglud armoured orcs

Boltskewer > Spearchukka 

Killaboss > Warboss

Killaboss on gnashtoof > Warboss on boar

Murnob with banner > Bigboss standard bearer

Shaman > Shaman

Mirebrute troggoth > Giant


This is a size comparison 




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