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Wts Massive Stormcast and Dwarf lot (United states shipping from ohio)


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Don’t have pictures yet kinda gauging interest. I want to clear out the armies I don’t use anymore if you’re interested I can get some pictures together and we can talk price.

fully willing to sell lots or portions of the lots individually

dwarf army

these are mostly to all modern models

Roughly 230 warriors less than 60 are skull pass

30 long beards

30 hammerers roughly 15 old pewter hammerers

5 cannons organ gun balista

gyro copter new 1 gyrocopter pewter

100+ thunderers

30-40 quarrelers 

all the heroes your heart can desire and in multiples of duplicates.

30 iron drakes

40 ironbreakers

i think thats about it theres almost certainly more also all the bits your heart will ever desire. 

kharadron overlords lot

60 company all have greenstuff cloaks modeled onto them of medium quality with specialty regular bearded heads. If serious I can get you pictures.



gun hauler

15 sky wardens



all the shootcast options you dream of.

9 long srikes

9 hurricanes

15 judicators

30-40 liberators

(special section these were painted with a technical paint like rock. Looks good together but would need stripped)

20 sequitors

5 liberators

lord arcanum on gryph and on foot


20 prosecutors

15 sequitors

3 evocators on dracoline

15 dual weapon evocators 5 with staves

Lord aquilor on gryph

10 farstriders

lots of aetherwings

pretty much every early sce hero. Azyros judicar castellant 

stray retributors from that first box. 


the shootcast portion of the army is actually almost done in a cool red color for the cloth and a really nice brightly painted steel with some interesting fade to it. If you just want to buy that as a completed painted and based army I’d be happy to finish the project and sell it like that and you’d have a competitive force to put on the table let me know if you are interested. 

You’d have 

azyros, castellan heraldor incantor relictor aquillor on gryph

15 judicator

15 liberator

9 long strike


10 evocators

9 aetherwings

this as a completed project i’d be asking about 1k us for. 



don’t own monster models like star drakes and lord celestants.

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