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Slaughter Priest painting contest entries


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The thread is for entries to the painting contest only.  All other posted will be deleted or moved. 

TGA.Community/Contest for any discussions.

Entries are allowed 1 image along with a link to the post on your social media account.  Social Media post must include a link to the contest - www.tga.community/contest

Example entry below

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I'll gladly start us off with my Slaughterpriest, Kheraine Bloodhelm. Favored amongst all Slaughterpriests, Khorne has blessed him with a bronze helm which constantly bleeds from its Skull Rune, fueling Kheraine's rituals and prayers.

Social media link (with alternate angles):



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Someone in my local store told me about this competition last & said that I should enter so here it goes; 

This is Xarragh the blind, Grypt Ghast Courtier of my Flesh-eaters of Khorne—at least he will be once he's dragged the rest of his court out from under my to do pile. He's a decent incentive though. I figure he uses the ball and chain for tenderising his meat.

Put a link to the competition on my instagram, couldn't find TGA on there to tag you guys though? Anyway, here's the link



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Introducing the 'GorKchosen' - my Orruk Slaughterpriest.

Fed up of those boasting 'Red oomies' and their puny god, the GorKchosen stomps around the Mortal Realms challenging the best Khorne has to offer; seeking to prove that Gorkamorka and his boyz 'iz da best!' - Well, that and the fact that he loves a good scrap!


Mt twitter link: https://mobile.twitter.com/Artoris88/status/778616637423484929

Progress pics can be found in my painting log:


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Here's my entry and the start of my Bloodbound army. I had so much fun with this model and tried to pull out all the stops. This is the first time I've done snow basing and more importantly I even bought a plinth for this guy!

There are some fantastic entries in this thread already. Good luck to everyone! :)

Here's my tweet:


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Here's my entry: Buzz, Chosen of Nurgle!

Had a lot of fun painting this, I began with the Blight Kings painting tutorial from Warhammer TV (substituting colours for similar ones I owned) and went from there.

The base was an interesting challenge too, normally I just drybrush some flock and call it a day. Really happy with how this came out and some lovely entries from everyone else. Appropriately there were some flies buzzing around when I went out to take the pictures.

I'd love for TGA to hold regular painting competitions like this.

Twitter link: 



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I've had a lot of fun working on this guy, really nice to see everyones progress and seeing all the conversions of the same model. I've chosen to change the slaughterpriest to a Tzeentch warrior, complete with fire and feathers. I've started an instagram account, but apparantly instagram doesn't do active links? If someone can tell me how, I'll change that anyhow, here he is!


and the instagram post:


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