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AoS3 - The points discussion

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2 hours ago, Reinholt said:

So after a little more testing, I'm pretty convinced that GW is either going to have to significantly raise the points of a lot of shooting units or just get rid of Unleash Hell as a command ability. The ease of dialing up the efficiency of already efficient shooting units by allowing them to shoot again is grotesque, at least so far. Right now the MVP by far of my few early games tinkering with the new edition are all shooting units. Unleash Hell just basically doubles your points efficiency as now you shoot twice where before you would have shot once. Not quite because there is the hit modifier, but on the flip side, using a screen to block and then shooting is really a ****** move that is clearly not accounted for.

Vanguard Raptors in Anvils have become almost un-playably unfriendly with the aetherwing charge block / unleash hell combo, for instance. A close to ironclad (itself a problem unit with unleash hell for KO) guarantee that you can unleash hell twice while being able to double tap shooting in your own turn is downright oppressive. There are a handful of builds I think could give it problems that aren't just using "shoot back" as an answer (namely Idoneth Eels and maybe the new Blood Knights given how they jump screens), but even then... it's bad.

What do you mean by this? CMD abilities can only be used once per phase. And, units can only benefit from 1 CMD ability a phase. 

Seperately do you think you are playing AoS2 with AoS3? What changes have you made to accomodate the opponent's access to this powerful abilities? Like have you tried geminids? Taking units of fell bats or black knights to bait or block unleash hell?

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Yes u are absolute rigth, i dont know wich genious thought that a ranged game neded a op version of overwatch AND other cp to move away from melees. And a endless to do melees useless( cant charge).

They should have made the opossite, a cp making a chargue guaranted, other cp making a unit inmune to shoting 1 phase etc.


But again, is the same company that copy pasted 40k coherence and forgot melee ranged, doing totally useless every 6+ msu unit with 1" on 32 bases...

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Unleash seems like another ability to incentivize MSU. You can use unleash hell once in response to one charge. that's pretty overwhelmingly powerful if I charge with my eggs in one basket block of 20 ardboys or 9 kurnoth hunters. But is it lessoned if I have 3 x 3 kurnoth? I'm not actually sure, as deleted one of those units still hurts. 4x5 ardboys? certainly unleash hell is less powerful against that. of course the ardboys are a lot less powerful. 

I've only played one AOS 3 game so far. I had one powerful shooter on the board in Drycha. She used unleashed hell once, but had to do it to a unit with about 6 gor, as they charged first. then my opponent kept her in combat with numerous small units (chaos spawn!). 

I'm not a fan of the rule being added still, but I can see how and why the playtesters may have liked it and felt it added a lot of tactical decision making. 

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