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I’ve requested it before, I would like to request it again: Can we get a Rumo(u)r Forum to post and discuss rumo(u)rs on a topic by topic format instead of the one “Really Long Thread” format we have now?

As of current page (2709) the thread is:

1. Fyreslayers Players talking about their own rumors ranging between “We’re bad” and “We’re Soup Now?” (This is enough to be its own topic and not a thread derail/general conversation)

2. Hellberg posted something new! Leaked rules for unit sizes!

2. Oh no wait, they were just being a Good Samaritan and reposting an image that was probably posted earlier in the thread. (Which if this was its own thread we could have avoided an image repost, and maybe the poster looking for the image could have found it on their own).

3. A post that pretty much summarized my frustration with the one thread format:

It amazes me how many people didn't read how Roar works. It prevents command abilities on the following COMBAT phase, so no preventing +1 saves for shooting

That’s probably because they’re reading someone’s misreading of the rule instead of reading the actual rule for themselves, which they would, if they could actually find the rule themselves.

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1 Thread could really be a little much here, especially since you don't find anything when you search for something months later.

Maybe it could help if their would be at least a new thread each year.

I have clicked through the entire thread to look how many pages are from what year (and we have to remember that 1 full page is 25 posts):

2016 = 91 (1 - 91)

2017 = 259 (92 - 350)

2018 = 405 (350 - 755)

2019 = 715 (755 - 1470)

2020 = 583  (1470 - 2053)

2021 = 709 (2053 - 2762) with only 6 month (and at least 53 new pages in the last 11 days).

After TGA is 1 system forum a rumours subforum with specific threads for every greater release could actually make sense (or having the conversations that are about 1 faction could take place in the Alliance part of the forum and unspecific stuff in the general discussion part.


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DakkaDakka has an designated rumour and news area and there is always a new thread whether there is a new major rumour or preview happenening. To be fair Dakka has also a higher frequency as they do not only provide news and rumours on AoS but also on other formats

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This would be a fantastic idea, and I think it would feel less like the thread gets derailed every couple of days, if each topic were allowed to grow as its own thread. The current behemoth is just laughable at this point. Its basically the general chitchat, wishlists, and complaining thread, with occasional added rumours.

The fact that the whole concept of a rumour is somewhat loosely defined doesn't help either.

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One of the powers of the thread is that it is a general conversation point. It generates a lot of activity in terms of reading and conversation. That's a lot of social interaction on the site that can be very hard to create and very risky to change least it dries up. In the end this forum lives and breaths on social interaction and chatter so where we have it happening we are keen to not try and discourage/damage what's going on and to instead work with it.

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