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Rules for Monsters

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I am looking for technical rules on fielding monsters. They have ridiculous base sizes and as a results I cannot see how the fall into the norm with movement, terrain, falling, ect. Maybe they do? But if anyone can tell me where I might find such rules, I would appreciate it.

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You can find the rules for monsters in the grand alliance books for the factions, like Agents of Chaos.

The monsters get some abilities that help them deal with terrain. A tripple that lets you drag an enemy fighter within 6 inches to within 1 inch of your monster.
A quad can demolish a whole terrain feature, everyone falls to the floor, suffers impact damage and then you remove that terrain feature.

I haven't actually played with monsters yet, but I can imagine how these abilities could help.

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Ya for sure. There are good rules for deploying monsters. But for example, a the center of a base needs to be on a platform. Well some of these monsters can traverse a ton of buildings at once. Or what about cover? A 1" terrain is cover but for a monster, really? Or dangerous terrain for that matter. 

Any insight on these or other technical, in game rules would be amazing. 

If they dont exist, how do you and yours house rule them?

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