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AoS3 - Kruleboyz Discussion


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Had a game vs Beasts of chaos.

Sludgeraker - Supa Sneaky Smelly Amulet


Killaboss on Gnash

Killboss, shaman, murknob

2x10 Gutrippas

6 bolt boyz

10 hobgrots

1 killbow


it was around 1800. Mission was the Vice. 

Tried to keep out ambushing, took first turn and moved up a unit of guts to try to take a point, which didn't work.

Thought I was done for when my opponent doubled and I was really out of position, but a kruleboy waaagh helped turn the tide as the sludgeraker throw out a lot of damage.

Highlights were a beastlord attempting to charge my shaman and with my single boltboy boss remaining unleashed 6 mw's. 

Sludgeraker moved to the center, got surrounded by a big group of bestigor and only took 3 damage out of a potential 20, then the sludge raker casually did 8 mws to another hero. 

Sludgeraker is definitely my mvp. It's ability to help proliferate mw's on units is great. 

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